CWC2019: The five instances zing bails failed this World Cup

posted on 2019-06-10 08:28:22
posted by Sahil Jain

The ball has been hitting a fair chunk of the stumps and that too at decent speed but the bails have failed to come off on as many as five instances already in this World Cup.

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The zing bails and LED stumps have become a common thing in world cricket over the last few years. It was back in July 2013 that ICC approved its use. The main objective was to remove the dilemma of knowing when the bails are getting dislodged.

Often the third umpire faced a tight situation of not knowing when the bails were completely out of the groove while checking for a runout or a stumping. However, the introduction of zing bails and LED stumps helped in a huge way. The stumps and the bails light up whenever they are out of the groove which helped in better decision making.

However, technology has also come with a drawback. The bails are a tad heavier and are hard to dislodge. We saw that in the IPL this year and we’ve seen that again here in the World Cup. There have been as many as five instances when the ball hit the stumps but the bails failed to fall off in this World Cup.

Thus, let's look at all those instances.


Match 1 (England vs South Africa): Adil Rashid to Quinton de Kock – 11th over

It occurred as early as the first game of the tournament. England had racked up 311 after being put into bat by South Africa. However, Quinton de Kock was leading the charge in the chase when this happened. Adil Rashid was introduced straight after the powerplay. De Kock batting on 25 tried to sweep but managed to eke out an edge which then deflected on to the stumps but the bails didn’t come off. England almost started celebrating before realising what had happened. The bails almost came off as it lit up before settling back in it’s groove.


Match 3 (New Zealand vs Sri Lanka): Trent Boult to Dimuth Karunaratne – 6th over

Before all the carnage broke out, Sri Lanka had a decent start despite the early loss Lahiru Thirimanne. In the sixth over, Boult hurried Karunaratne for pace and cramped him for room as well. And the Sri Lankan skipper who was batting on 9 managed to inside-edge it on to the leg-stump. The bails never came off and it was a lucky reprieve for Karunaratne.


Match 10 (Australia vs West Indies): Mitchell Starc to Chris Gayle – 3rd over

The battle between Mitchell Starc and Chris Gayle was an intriguing one when Australia faced West Indies in the 10th game of this World Cup. The Universe Boss was looking to get off to a flier but Starc managed to trouble him.

Starc who has the ability to crank up high speeds got one to zip past Gayle who was given out caught-behind. However, on review, the decision was overturned. What was surprising was the fact the ball the kissed the stumps on the way through to the keeper. Despite Starc’s speed, the bails failed to come off and Gayle got a reprieve.


Match 12 (England vs Bangladesh): Ben Stokes to Mohammad Saifuddin – 46th over

After a blip against Pakistan, England were back on track against Bangladesh in their last game. But there was a moment which took everyone by surprise. Ben Stokes bowled a bumper to Mohammad Saifuddin in the 46th over of Bangladesh’s chase. The ball deflected off the fast bowler’s body back on to the stumps but the bails failed to budge and come off. It did not move at all. However, the game was gone by then and it didn’t really matter a lot.


Match 14 (India vs Australia): Jasprit Bumrah to David Warner – 2nd over

Chasing 353, Australia had a massive task at their hand. Warner was going to be the key and he got an early reprieve. Bumrah ran in and hit the deck hard on his very first delivery of the game. He managed to eke an inside-edge from Warner’s bat and the ball rolled back onto the stumps. However, the bails simply failed to dislodge. They did not move and it became the fifth instance in this World Cup of the bails not coming off.



The bails not coming off has become an issue now. It’s happened quite often and five times in the first 14 games of this World Cup isn’t the best news. New Zealand all-rounder Jimmy Neesham came up with a solution. He tweeted that he understands the electronics behind the stumps and the bails make them heavier. He suggested that the bails could be fitted a lot shallower than usual which could solve the issue. 

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