5 Players with most catches in IPL History

posted on 2019-03-16 10:49:45
posted by Naimish Gupta

Catches, acrobatics and stunning dives - who all feature in the list of fielders with most IPL catches

Pic credit: BCCI

India is a land of festivals. There are festivals related to particular faiths. There are festivals related to a particular region of the country. There are also some national festivals which the whole country celebrates with no discrimination whatsoever. A similar kind of festive frenzy grips this crazy nation just at the stroke of the onset of the summer season every year. But this festival is India’s biggest sports festival known as the Indian Premier League(IPL) which is going into its 12th season this year.

IPL provides us with a plethora of entertainment in all the departments of our beloved sport. But it is a true fact that amidst the glory and grandeur of the willow and the cherry, fielding fails to garner the attention it, ideally, should get from the fans. Players employ all sorts of acrobatics to ensure that their franchise remains in the game. Catches, dives and airborne stops, all never cease to thrill our ever-hungry mind. So, we have come up with a list of 5 players with most catches in the tournament’s history-

1)    Suresh Raina [95 catches from 175 innings]

The 'plane in the yellow jersey', Suresh Raina leads this list of catches and does so by a fair margin as there is a comfortable gap of 16 catches between him and the second-placed Rohit Sharma. He is known for his live-wire athleticism on the field and especially his close-in fielding is a treat to watch. He is also the leading run-scorer in the IPL history with a tally of 4985 runs and will have a chance in this season to become the first player to complete the rare double of 5000 runs and 100 catches in the tournament’s history.


2)    Rohit Sharma [79 catches from 173 innings]

The Mumbai Indians skipper sits second on this catching list. He is the kind of player who exudes an image of a lazy person but acts completely contrary to it. His sharp reflexes are breathtakingly beautiful to watch as is his lazy-elegance loaded batting. His run tally of 4493 runs comes at the third spot in the all-time IPL run-aggregators. He is best suited as a close-in fielder from where he can also control the game via regular communication with his bowlers.


3)    AB de Villiers [78 catches from 108 innings]

It will be a kind of an insult for batting or a fielding list to not include the name of the ‘Superman’ from South Africa and there is no exception here too. There are brilliance and finesse in everything that he does. Be it batting or fielding, the legend gives his 100% to his every skill. As a result, we get to witness some breathtakingly audacious shots along with some crazy acrobatics, hard to comprehend for a normal mind, on the field. He is our number 3 on the list. 


4)    Kieron Pollard [74 catches from 132 innings]

The big West Indian all-rounder is a force to reckon in the modern-day T20 arena. His hard-hitting, useful medium pace and brilliant fielding make him a complete package for any team. That is also the reason behind his success in the T20 leagues all-around the world. He is a part of the Mumbai Indians camp and will be raring to improve upon his already brilliant numbers. Though he blew hot and cold last season with the bat, Mumbai will surely back their old work-horse at least in the starting phase of the season.


5)    Dwayne Bravo [69 catches from 121 innings]

The ‘Calypso’ dancer from the Caribbean and another all-round package in the Chennai line-up. He is a true athlete who always comes up with a way to do his job. Given the proactivity he shows in the field, one should always count on him to break into the top-three catch-takers’ list in the tournament history. More than a capable batsman, memories of him smashing the Mumbai bowlers all around the park to pull off an improbable heist in the season opener for Chennai Super Kings last year, are still afresh in fans’ minds who will be hoping for some more Calypso entertainment this season.

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