Beat the heat in one of the most famed juice parlors in Kolkata

posted on 2018-05-03 11:21:39
posted by Agnideepto Datta

Enjoy Kolkata's finest in these hidden inns

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Continuing our segment on the delicious food inns to visit in Kolkata, here are the list of the places worth a visit in the City of Joy.

Zam Zam

This is a biryani worshippers holy shrine. Located near Ripon street crossing, inside some twisting and turning alleys, this place serves some great chicken, mutton and beef biryanis. All priced between 80-120 rupees. A few other things to try out would be Meat malai, Kashmira meat. This is bound to make a hashtag foodie completely high.

Indian Coffee House

The Albert Hall was transformed into Coffee House in 1942 and since then this has been the hotspot for intellectual conversations of artists, poets, painters, giggles of the bubbling youth, passionate confessions of lovers and what not. The vintage architecture, classic paintings and the flying narratives and murmurs create an ambience that is the signature of the Indian Coffee House. Located opposite to Presidency University this place offers coffee and food items at reasonable prices. The items to try out would be Mughlai paratha (stuffed Indian bread), chicken cutlet all within 50-80 rupees.


The devilish summers are here and the boiling hot climate calls for chilling, refreshing drink. A bottle of cola isn’t the best option always but what are all the worries for when Paramount is there to quench our thirst. A vintage serbet joint located at College street near College Square, the place offers a wide range of drinks to choose from. The syrup-based fruit flavours to the curd based fruit drinks all are great besides the special Coco Malai and coconut water drink. The price range is quite reasonable almost all the drinks come between 60-150 rupees.  

So what are you waiting for? Head out to a slurping experience in Paramount before heading to Eden Gardens to watch Kolkata’s game with Chennai Super Kings.

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