Indulge in the old classic delicacies that Kolkata has to offer

posted on 2018-04-14 10:08:40
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These items will take you back in time to the Calcutta of the 1960s

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Kolkata, the city of joy. The city with a glorious past and a paradise for the gluttonous devils. Kolkata had been the hotspot for trade and commerce throughout ages that have resulted in several communities settling here. From the early Chinese settlements to the British Imperial power, all of these have resulted in the mixing of different cultures leading to the existence of a myriad of food flavours all over the city. Not only does Kolkata hosts of a huge variety of cuisines but also a variety of restaurants and eateries of all price ranges. One might as well spend a fortune and have a kingly dinner at some fine dining restaurant and on the other hand spend just a dust of the currency and satisfy one’s food craving and go back home with a satisfied tummy. The five stars and the fine dining restaurants are just one click away from discovery, but there are certain eateries and restaurants which might not be that talked of but are gem of a kind. Here are three of the gems of the city that a food lover must try when in the city.

Territi bazar morning breakfast

Been partying all night and celebrating the win of your team in IPL? Hungry at dawn? No need to worry when Territi bazar hosts an early morning food fair serving some authentic Chinese and Tibetan breakfast from 6 a.m. in the morning. Located near Lal Bazar Police Station, this place is also known as the Old Chinatown of Kolkata because of the early Chinese settlements in this region. Numerous roadside stalls sell some fresh and delicious food at pocket-pleasing prices. Some of the delicacies on offer are fish, chicken, pork momos, taipaos, dumpling soup, spring rolls and other various items to select from. A plate of steamed momo would cost around 30-40 rupees whereas spring rolls come as cheap as 10 rupees a piece. The must-have item here would be the baked chicken or pork taipaos priced around 50 rupees for two pieces.

Dilkhusa Cabin

Located at College street just a few steps from the College street crossing towards Sealdah Station, this place is a classic food-joint. One is bound to have a time machine ride back to the 60s-70s Calcutta on entering the restaurant. That old Calcutta cabin culture and typical hot items of those days in the menu is bound to be a one-of-a-kind experience. The food here is delicious specially the Fish Kobiraji (a fish fillet egg washed and deep fried) served with salad and mustard sauce. Though high on the calorie meter, this is pure taste bud orgasm and the price is 90-100 rupees only. Apart from that there are egg devils, noodles cutlets and loads of food items to select from.

Bapi da’s Chicken

This is food stall located at Salt Lake Karunamoyee that serves a variety of fried chicken items. Chicken lollipops, wings, pakoras, drumsticks, momos and even crispy babycorns and the price all between 35-60 rupees only. With just a hundred bucks in the pocket one can return home high on food and burping.

So what are you waiting for? Head out and indulge in the very best that Kolkata has to offer, before heading to support DK’s men at Eden Gardens.

Also, wait for our next segment of the food inns to visit in Kolkata!

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