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posted on 2018-05-16 16:16:12
posted by Kartik Pande

The city is known for its Vada Pav

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Mumbai, the City of Dreams is the capital city of the state of Maharashtra. Famous for being the home of Bollywood, Mumbai is the most populous city of India and it is just like any other city of India when it comes to food. From street food to expensive restaurants, Mumbai has got it all. Here are some of the best food dishes that you can get in Mumbai.

1. Vada Pav
This tasty dish is literally every Mumbaikar's grab and go snack. Vada Pav is basically a potato patty with spices and sauces served in between two buttery buns, just like a burger. But no burger can give competition to this classic Indian snack! There is no other place in India other than Mumbai to serve the original and tasty Vada Pav. So if you are in the city, don't forgot to get lost in the taste and enjoy along with some sweet lassi to accompany.

2. Pani Puri
Pani puri, puchka or golgappa, whatever it is, everybody loves it! Just the sound of crackling of the puri gives immense satisfaction to all the pani puri lovers!
Jokes apart, pani puri is surely the most famous street food of Mumbai after vada pav. Everybody can afford it, and this dish leaves you wanting for more. You just can't have enough of it. Although everyone has tried pani puri atleast once in their life, but the pani puri of Mumbai definitely has some special magic in it, which you should try!

3. Bhel Puri
"Bombay ki chaat" is apparently one line we've all heard atleast once. The sweet and spicy flavour of bhel puri is what makes it so famous, and Bombay has got its special place in making different types of chaat. Everyone loves bhel puri, nobody hesitates to eat it, and is well demanded from even the locals and the tourists, ofcourse.

4. Kebabs
Some of the most tender and tasty kebabs are found on the streets of the old Muslim communities of Mumbai. Varying from chicken to mutton, all the types of tasty kebabs are available here. So if you're a non vegetarian, and the Mumbai chaat isn't doing good enough for you, kebabs will come out as your saviours. So don't forget to at least try these lip smacking kebabs.

5. Juices and milkshakes
Since the 1990s, there have been plenty of shops in Mumbai serving smoothies, juices and shakes. The milkshake centers have turned out to be a great spot for people to go to in the warm evenings of Mumbai, and also juices or smoothies are a great accompaniments for the street food of Mumbai, making many tasty combinations for people to try.

6. Frankies
Just like rolls, but not like rolls at the same time, frankies have a class above rolls because of their serving. With naan bread mostly, and extra toppings, these are a great tummy filling option when you're in a hurry and want tasty food at the same time! Frankies are for both vegetarian and non vegetarians, so this is a dish that won't disappoint you. A modified version of rolls, this is also a must try in this city.

These were some of the famous food dishes of Mumbai. Don't forget to try them atleast once if you're in the city!

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