What are the different types of Moments in the Rario Cricket NFT Marketplace?

The Rario marketplace is one where fans can trade, sell or buy Cricket NFTs to add to their memorabilia collection.
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Rario is a digital collectible platform launched for cricket fans to own some of the top moments in cricket in the form of NFT. These NFTs range from player cards, video moments to cricket artifacts. Rario also provides a platform for fans to trade their NFTs through the Rario marketplace on its website.

Each moment of the Rario marketplace is also assigned a serial number which depends on the circulation of the card or the number of times it has been minted. 

Rario's Marketplace has several historical cricket moments and memorabilia that can be divided into four broad categories - the most common (Silver) to the rarest (unique card). For example, Sunil Narine’s incredible maiden in the Super Over in CPL 2014 will be high in demand and if you grab an early serial number of that moment, the more valuable purchase it will be for you since the price of the NFT will traditionally increase.

Speaking broadly, Rario has divided its cards into four tiers, based on how special the moment is, which decides its rarity and circulation. The tiers in ascending order of rarity are Silver, Gold, Black and Unique. The more rare the card is, the higher price it is likely to sell for. Fans can go to the Rario Marketplace and search for the digital collectibles they are willing to trade.

Silver category

This encompasses the most common moments that are available at relatively lower rates. A silver card will be of a moment that is fairly accessible and common occurrence on the cricket field, but would still include NFTs of prominent players and fabulous moments.

For instance, Mr 360 AB displaying his skills by walking across the stumps and whipping a ball past the man at short fine leg in the CPL is a silver moment on the platform.

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Gold category

This set of cards are fewer in number than silver cards and are relatively more rarer. The badge is given to moments superior to that of silver, yet not as rare as black. The Gold category has an enviable set of cards that users would want to get their hands on. 

For instance, Liam Livingstone smashing an unbeaten 68 off 23 balls including 8 sixes and 2 fours to singlehandedly lift Abu Dhabi to a match-winning score in the Abi Dhabi T10 is a Gold category moment.

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Black category

Some of the rarest moments go under the Black category with fans looking to own a slice of history that has few other owners. The returns for some of these black cards are expected to multiply several times. In the early days, a Rario user got a massive 111x return after selling a $2 card of West Indian Sheldon Cottrell's "salute" celebration for $222. 

For instance, Bravo going berserk in the CPL in 2018, smashing his fifth six off five consecutive balls is a Black category card that's up for sale at the marketplace.

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Unique card

There’s also the rarest of the rare card, which is only one in number, and can be owned by just one user. The unique card is yet to be launched, but there’s a lot of buzz around it to see which moments become a part of it.

Rario provides cricket fans with a unique opportunity to be a part of the fandom and collect memorable sporting moments, build their collectibles and trade. Sign up here.