Countdown day 2: Rario CPL pack drop to happen on July 15th

The much-awaited Rario CPL pack drop happens on the 15th of July and will be the prerequisite to play the Cricket Strategy Game.
Rario Cricket NFT

The reservation for this pack drop has started so you might want to hurry up! Sign up here.

There’s a reason you should wait with bated breaths for July 15! Cricket NFT platform Rario will unveil a strategy cricket game in association with Dream Sports that shall be the first such utility-driven game using Rario NFT player cards. 

The rollout will be done in a way to gain insights and get feedback from our early players, and then open it up for the billion plus Cricket fans across the globe. At each stage, additional players will be invited to join, starting small and ending with our entire waitlist.

The Strategy game requires you to have player cards to play and the first pack drop ahead of the CPL 2022 season happens on 15th July. The rush is expected to be insane, so signing up to get a hold of these as soon as they drop would be a good idea. A total of 44 player cards are expected to drop on the 15th. 

If you have registered, fans will get notified via email, social media platforms and our community channels (like Discord) about upcoming drops. After the first drop on the 15th, there would be notifications on future pack drops. Card drops also include individual picks, where fans can buy a particular player card of their choice across different tiers.

The Rario Cricket Strategy Game will be the best way to put your dream team into action. Based on the collectibles you already own, you can play along during live matches or challenge other fans to not just get bragging rights but also win exciting goodies.

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