R Ashwin takes hilarious dig at players who are against non-striker run outs

The premier Indian off-spinner came up with an amusing response to players taking the 'spirit of cricket' route on the matter. 
R Ashwin

Multiple players over the recent weeks have taken a stance against running out the non-striker. 

R Ashwin came up with a hilarious response when queried over the number of players in recent times holding a stance against the act of running out the non-striker. 

The Indian off-spinner said he doesn't mind those cricketers taking down the route of 'spirit of cricket' in this regard as it gives him an opportunity to take advantage of them. 

Flagbearer of breaking the game's conventional norms, R Ashwin remains strongly in favour of running out the non-striker who happens to meander outside the popping crease before the bowler has released the ball. 

Ashwin famously did so when Rajasthan Royals (RR) batter Jos Buttler was found a few critical inches outside the crease before the ball had been bowled during an IPL 2019 game in Jaipur. The spinner faced a lot of flak for it from the traditionalists but stays unfazed by what they had to say. 

R Ashwin's amusing response to players against running out the non-striker

During the ongoing T20 World Cup, Zimbabwean fast-bowler Brad Evans had said he wouldn't have considered running out non-striker Mohammad Wasim in the game against Pakistan at Perth even if he alert to the opportunity. With Pakistan needing 3 off 1 at that point, Nawaz was found well outside the popping crease. 

Evans, sadly, isn't the only player to have taken a stance against running out the non-striker, a legal form of dismissal, which is again up for debates on the 'spirit of cricket' front since Indian allrounder Deepti Sharma's famous run-out against England batter Charlie Dean at Lord's in late September. 

Speaking to the press about it on the eve of India's next Super 12s game against Zimbabwe, R Ashwin gave an amusing response when asked for his opinion on the stance taken by Evans and other such cricketers. 

"Honestly, I also wouldn't like to get out like that just because I don't like -- it's not like I can't get out like that. So, nobody likes getting out. I don't like being nicked off, bowled, run out any way. I also wouldn't like to get run out at the non-striker because it's a form of dismissal, and it's pretty legal," Ashwin said. 

"See, there aren't a lot of arguments around it. Like with anything else in this world, when some things happen, you're going to have people with contradicting thoughts. Whether you want to do it or don't want to do it is absolutely fine. It's good to know that they won't do it because you can run the last minute, and you can wait."

"It's good. I mean, if people are going to come out and say that they won't do it, as a cricketer, I'll use that as an advantage for myself," he added.