Explaining the Rario D3.Club Cricket Strategy Game Points System

Users can now win handsome rewards by contesting in the new Cricket Strategy Game on Rario's D3.club
Rario D3 Club Cricket Strategy Game

Before you jump into this, take a look at what Rario's Cricket Strategy Game on D3.Club is here.

In Rario’s d3 club game, total points of a player card in a contest is calculated by the following formula:

Base Points + [Base points x XP Boost %] + Category Boost

The base points in the above formula are calculated on the basis of a given player’s performance in the match in terms of his batting, bowling, fielding and various other factors.

Base Points

The base points are based on the player's performance in the match.


Each run fetches a point, and there are additional points for fours, sixes and milestones like 30 runs, half-century and a hundred, while two points are deducted for a dismissal for a duck.

If a player gets points for a century, points for 30s or fifties won’t be added up. Additionally, there are no points awarded for T10 games.

The on-strike batter will be credited runs as well as the points in case of an overthrow. However, there would be no boundary bonus points if the overthrow gets to the ropes.

 Batting Points


The bowling too, as indicated below, fetches points for its major components like wickets - 25 points (excluding the run-outs), and hauls of three, four, five or more wickets. There’s a bonus if the dismissal is either bowled or leg-before, and a 12-point bonus if a maiden over is delivered.

Bowling points 


On the fielding front, points will be awarded for catches, stumpings, run-out - whether via a direct hit (12 points) or not a direct hit (6 points). In case of a non direct-hit runout, points will be awarded to the last two fielders touching the ball. Players with more than three catches will get four points as a three-catch bonus. For instance, a player taking six catches will not get eight points.

Fielding points


Other points

In terms of captaincy, the points tally will be doubled for a captain. There are four points for in-announced line-ups.

Economy Rate points


The economy-rate points are distributed as shown in the graphic above, for a minimum of two overs being bowled.

Economy rates


The batter is rewarded for high strike-rate as follows:

170 or more: 6
150-170: 4
130-150: 2

Batters with below-par (less than 70) strike-rates will get negative points:

60-70: -2
50-60: -4
50 or less: -6

Strike-rate points

Category Boost

Category Boost is the boost obtained on the basis of the card category used in the game. Category Boost is higher for higher category cards.

For instance, if you have a Bronze tier player, the boost is +10. For Silver, Gold and Black it’s +20, +30 and +50 respectively. 

Needless to say, if you have three black cards, the better you’re likelier to do in case you get a boost.

XP Boost

XP Boost is the boost obtained whenever a player plays a match. This is calculated on the basis of the XP on the card while joining the contest.

XP of each card purchased from the primary market begins from zero.

XP on a card will increase at the end of the game:

  • By 2% if a card is used in a contest
  • By .0.5% if you own the card but don’t use it in play

New XP will be available for the next match.

Higher the category, higher the maximum XP that can be earned on a card.

The below graphic explains how a player card’s total points can be calculated using the formula stated earlier:

Points calculation

Tie-breaker scenarios:

In case of a tie-breaker, the user ranks would be decided by:

  • User with the captain having higher captain points will rank higher
  • If the captain points are tied too, the user with more number of lower category card wins
  • If the tie exists with the above two parameters, the user who joined the contest first wins.