Watch: Glenn Phillips' flying catch at the SCG during T20 World Cup clash with Australia

The New Zealand fielder gave an early candidate for the catch of the tournament Down Under. 
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Glenn Phillips dived full-stretched to secure a special grab in the deep at the SCG against arch-rivals Australia. 

New Zealand batter Glenn Phillips pulled off arguably the catch of the T20 World Cup 2022 so far, flying in at the deep to take a spectacular grab off the bat of Australian allrounder Marcus Stoinis at the SCG on Saturday (October 22). 

Positioned deep on the off-side, Phillips nearly ran from the point region towards the mid-wicket region and took a catch inches off the turf, with a glimpse of his feet in the air making for a picturesque grab that commentators duly raved over. 

In one of the most special pieces of catching, not only did Glenn Phillips gauge the uppish drive off Stoinis' willow perfectly but also covered magnificent ground to make the catch, showing excellent judgement and athleticism. 

The fielder dived full-stretched and took the catch with both his hands, reinforcing his status as one of the world's finest contemporary fielders. When Stoinis would've anticipated to have sent the ball in the vacant region facing left-arm spinner Mitchell Santner, he was forced to make the long walk back. 

Glenn Phillips' special catch 

The brilliant fielding display was on show during the early half of the ninth over in the Australian run-chase. Taking on Santner's full-pitched ball from the around-the-wicket angle for the left-arm spinner, Stoinis went for a full-blodded uppish drive over the extra cover fielder. 

Given that the point fielder was placed too far to the right of where the ball had been dispatched, Stoinis could breathe easy and feel secured of getting at least a couple of runs. 

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But not with Glenn Phillips, who left everyone shocked with his magnificent piece of fielding, making eye-catching ground towards the ball before diving full-stretched to successfully grab it.


Stoinis couldn't believe his luck as his well-timed stroke had been outdone by New Zealand's special athlete in the deep. 

What Phillips did is unlikely to be surpassed over the coming three weeks, which makes it an early candidate for the catch of the tournament.

The fielder's brilliance also reduced Australia to 50/4, chasing New Zealand's gigantic 200/3 in what was a critical Super 12 fixture for the T20 World Cup.