Michael Clarke says Australians aren't 'squeaky clean' to claim Gulbadin Naib's act as 'cheating'

The delay-tactics stunt by Afghanistan's Gulbadin Naib has sparked controversy and debate surrounding the 'Spirit of Cricket'. 
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Heavyweights Australia were knocked out of the ongoing T20 World Cup 2024 in the Super 8s stage following their losses against Afghanistan and India. 

Despite the losses, Australia had a chance of qualifying if Afghanistan would have lost their final game against Bangladesh. However, the Rashid Khan-led side managed to pull off a nail-biting thriller and secured a historic win as they qualified for the semi-final for the rest time in an ICC event. 

Incidentally, during the match against Bangladesh, a stunt by Afghanistan's Gulbadin Naib has sparked controversy and debate surrounding the 'Spirit of Cricket'. 

What had happened was that the game was marred by rain which brought in the DLS method into question. 

During the penultimate stages of the match, Afghanistan was ahead and to ensure that Bangladesh didn't shift advantage, Afghanistan coach Jonathan Trott signalled from the dugout to slow the proceedings in the middle. 

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Michael Clarke defends Gulbadin Naib's delay tactics

While no one picked up on Trott's signal, it was only Gulbadin Naid, stationed at first slip saw Trott and had an immediate reaction. 

Naib suddenly went down to the ground holding his hamstring which was later found out he faked an injury to delay the game. 

Following Afghanistan's win, fans were divided on the matter. Some Australian fans were furious, understandably since they were backing Bangladesh to win. 

However, adding on to the raging debate, former Australia skipper Michael Clarke opined that he backs Naib's act and took a jibe on Australia's methods as well. 

Clarke said on ESPN's Around the Wicket, "If the sniper got another player of a different team, not mentioning the team, there would be a bit more circus about it. Just let it go and allow Afghanistan to celebrate this win, I think it is that special to them. I don't think any Australian can be kicking too many stones because we are not squeaky clean when it comes to that type of stuff." 

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