'We might miss our flight:' Rohit Sharma's funny response to journo's question on overhead conditions for IND vs ENG Semi-final

When asked about the chances of rain, Rohit answered it in his own cheeky manner.
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The excitement around the second semifinal between India and England is high, with fans from both nations backing their teams to emerge victorious. However, the rain can play spoilsport, for the forecast in Guyana is not great during the match hours.

The chances of a shower are high, which could result in stop-start proceedings and, in the worst case, also lead to no result. The conditions rule cricket, and while the overhead conditions are in nobody’s control, both teams would hope to play a full game to decide a winner.

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Ahead of the crunch fixture, Rohit Sharma attended a press conference, answering different queries from journalists around the game. When asked about the chances of rain, Rohit answered it in his own cheeky manner.

“Obviously, the overhead conditions are in nobody’s control. We don’t know what’s gonna happen. The only thing I am worried about is if the game goes on till pretty late, we have a chartered flight, (and) we might miss that flight, but that’s okay. It’s the ICC’s and Cricket West Indies’ headache to get us to the next venue but will focus on how we can play this game well and get the results in our favour.”

India to advance to the Final in case of a no result

While there’s no reserve day, the ICC has allocated extra time to make a possibility of a result. There will be an extra 250 minutes to generate an outcome, which means the game can go on till 3:30 AM IST.

Even if the rain doesn’t allow the game to have a result, India will advance to the Final since they finished at the top in the group stage, unlike England, who were second in their group. Both teams must play at least ten overs for an outcome in both semifinals.

Such scenarios depict the importance of being consistent in the group stage. India played consistent cricket and will be rewarded if the rain persists.

While India will benefit in case of no play, both sides would want to contest it out in the middle rather than depending on rain. Both teams have quality players and will contest hard.

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