Have you seen how many?...: Shreyas Iyer gives fitting reply when asked about short-ball struggles

The middle-order batter provided a straightforward response when questioned about his ability to handle short-pitched deliveries.
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India's middle-order batter Shreyas Iyer dismissed any concerns about facing short balls following his outstanding performance of 82 runs off 56 balls against Sri Lanka in the 2023 ODI World Cup match on November 2. Iyer's innings ensured that India achieved a total exceeding 350 runs while batting first, even after facing some difficulties in the last ten overs following the dismissals of Virat Kohli (88) and Shubman Gill (92).

During the post-match press conference, Iyer provided a straightforward response when questioned about his ability to handle short-pitched deliveries, stating, "When you say it's a problem for me, what do you mean? Have you seen how many pull shots I've scored, especially which has gone for four?" 

According to statistics, Iyer boasts a commendable strike rate of 135.44 against short balls in ODIs, with an average of 21.40. While this suggests that he occasionally gets out to such deliveries, it does not diminish his proficiency in playing short-length balls, as evidenced by nearly 20% of his boundaries (34 out of 191 in his career) being attributed to this type of delivery.

Shreyas Iyer hits back at critics

Discussing his dismissals against short-pitched balls, Iyer commented, "You know if you try to hit a ball, you're bound to get out anyway whether it's a short ball or overpitched. If I get bowled two or three times, you all would say he can't play an inswinging ball, he can't play if the ball is seaming. You guys have created that mahol [feeling] outside that he can't play a short ball, and I feel that people are picking that up every now and then and it plays on your mind regularly and you keep working on that."

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With their seventh consecutive victory, India has secured the first spot in the semi-finals and is set to face South Africa on November 5 in their next league match.

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