WATCH: Arshdeep Singh breaks middle stump twice off back-to-back deliveries

Arshdeep Singh bowled two pinpoint yorkers in the final over
Arshdeep Singh broke stumps for fun in the last over.?width=963&height=541&resizemode=4

Arshdeep Singh bowled two pinpoint yorkers in the final over, breaking the middle stump into two pieces on both occasions under immense pressure. Defending 16 balls in the last over, with two quality batters - Tim David and Tilak Varma - on the crease, Arshdeep delivered for his team in what was probably the best slog over of the season.

Mumbai Indians were cruising to a victory before Arshdeep Singh came in between them and the win. He was calm and composed and broke the stumps with ease in front of a packed Wakhede crowd, cheering their hearts out for the home team Mumbai Indians.

The left-arm quick has the expertise in nailing yorkers at will in the death overs, as he has shown numerous times in his 44-matches IPL career. Arshdeep Singh played for India and did reasonably well after shining bright in the cash-rich league by churning similar performances earlier as well.

On a track where eight bowlers from either side have had an economy rate in double digits, Arshdeep simply completed his full quota while conceding only 7.20 runs per over and snaring as many as four vital wickets, with two of them shattering the stumps. The 24-year-old probably chose the best occasion to register his second-best figures in the IPL.

Arshdeep Singh breaks the middle stump twice off back-to-back deliveries

If there was any Punjab Kings’ bowler who could defend those 16 runs in the final over, it was Arshdeep Singh, and he delivered for his team yet again. There was no pressure on him, which he himself confirmed in the post-match interview with Danny Morrison.

Arshdeep Singh first bowled a pinpoint yorker to dismiss a dangerous Tilak Varma, who had only faced three balls in the innings. The middle stump broke into two pieces, with Arshdeep Singh giving a cold look to the cracked stumps.

Nehal Wadhera, who came in as an impact substitute, couldn’t do much either. Arshdeep missed his yorker by just an inch, but Wadhera decided to walk down the track only to receive the same treatment again. The middle stick was again split into two parts, with the broken part cartwheeling behind the stumps this time around.

Arshdeep Singh gave away only two runs in the over, helping Punjab Kings earn their fourth victory of the season. While he didn’t win the Man of the Match award, Arshdeep Singh was clearly the best player from both teams on a day when the ball crossed the boundary ropes as many as 58 times.