Former Pakistan Player lists down issues with Arjun Tendulkar's bowling action

The junior Tendulkar's lack of speed and technical chinks with his bowling action have been topics of analysis on the outside since his IPL 2023 debut for Mumbai Indians. 
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Arjun Tendulkar's ascent into becoming a first-XI Indian Premier League (IPL) cricketer has not only been exciting for the fans but also attracted analysis and scrutiny from experts around his lack of speed and unorthodox bowling action. 

The Mumbai Indians (MI) left-arm quick is barely medium-fast but has the ability to swing the new ball. However, junior Tendulkar's bowling action, particularly his load-up and release at the point of delivery stride, have raised a few eyebrows, with former cricketers pointing out flaws that can plague the young talent. 

Not just within India, but all over the globe, Arjun Tendulkar has caught the fans and former players' attention because of his sir name and the father Sachin's rich legacy. Among these, former Pakistan wicketkeeper-batter Rashid Latif pointed out some technical chinks in Arjun's bowling action and what areas he can specifically focus on improving. 

Latif had earlier noted the flaws down and reinforced them via an insightful post on his official Twitter handle going by the name @iRashidLatif68. The post was made in response to a query made on the social media platform by veteran Indian journalist Makarand Waingankar. 

Rashid Latif notes down flaws in Arjun Tendulkar's bowling action 

In all, Latif pointed out four specific chinks that young Arjun Tendulkar can focus on overcoming with his bowling action and optimise his speed and consistency in the coming years. First of these, Latif tweeted, would be to make sure that his frontfoot doesn't collapse at the point of releasing the ball. 

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The second of the lot for Latif is the usage of the non-bowling arm, which he reckons falls a little too quickly with the 23-year-old. Usually, the non-bowling arm is taken as a trigger for the bowling arm's extension and therefore, the speed behind the delivery. 

Latif believes the third area of concern for Tendulkar should be ensuring his body takes equal weight while executing the action and not put too much burden on one side. 

Fourth for the ex Pakistan cricketer is a cross alignment, wherein he believes the left-armer can be straighter with his posture before delivering the ball at the batter.

A straighter alignment, as is known, helps seamers extract the best possible speeds out of their bodies with the entire force synchronised towards the stumps.