Virat Kohli posts cryptic Insta story after controversial fight with Gautam Gambhir

The Indian batting great was involved in an extremely angry and abusive exchange with the LSG mentor after the IPL 2023 league fixture on Monday. 
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Amidst clips of him being involved in an angry and abusive exchange from IPL 2023 with Lucknow Super Giants (LSG) mentor Gautam Gambhir going viral, India and Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) batter Virat Kohli posted a cryptic Instagram story on Tuesday (May 2) morning. 

Kohli posted a story containing a quote from Marcus Aurelius in relation to opinions and facts. The quote reads: "Everything we hear is an opinion. Not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective. Not the truth."

It isn't known who and what exactly the post was intended for but it is being taken for a self-defence in wake of facing criticism in certain corners for getting riled up during the RCB-LSG game played in Lucknow and being involved in verbal spats with multiple opposition individuals. 

The ugly exchange and mouthful shared with Gambhir being the most infamous one has gathered everyone's attention. While LSG's influential chief mentor maybe no innocent soul in the matter, seen reacting angrily himself, from the videos doing the rounds, one could see it was perhaps Kohli who instigated the angry turn of events for an otherwise dull game. 

The batter was first seen having an argument with LSG seamer Naveen-Ul-Haq near the close of home team's unsuccessful run-chase till the standing umpires and fellow lower-order Amit Mishra intervened. Kohli had a tussle with Mishra as well, which required separate umpiring intervention. 

Kohli's cryptic Insta story after Gambhir clash 

All this has seen Virat Kohli being blamed in certain corners as the protagonist behind the dramatic scenes that played themselves out at the Ekana Stadium late night on Monday. 

In an indirect response to this, Kohli seem to imply through his Instagram story that the outside talk in relation to the controversial episode is merely an opinion, not facts. 

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The batter didn't come up with his side of the story, but made a cryptic Instagram story featuring a famous quote from Aurelius on the social media platform. 

Insta Kohli

The match referee for the game Prakash Bhatt didn't take the episode lightly as he has since fined both Virat Kohli and Gambhir for their offences on the IPL code of conduct.