'Biggest load of rubbish' - McGrath dismayed over not out call for Mitchell Starc catch at Lord's

England opener Ben Duckett was recalled to resume his innings after replays showed the Australian fielder had slid the ball across the turf while held in his hand. 
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Glenn McGrath deemed it a "disgrace". The legendary fast-bowler wasn't one bit amused by the not-out call given in England's favour over the catch taken by Mitchell Starc on Day 4 of the Lord's Ashes 2023 Test this Saturday (July 1). 

Starc and the rest of the Australian players couldn't believe when the match officials decided to recall England opener Ben Duckett, even as the footage on the giant screen showed that the fast-bowler had held the ball in his hand and rolled and rubbed it over the turf. 

Duckett, batting on 50, thought he is done for all money and started walking after the Australians celebrated passionately for what would've been their fifth scalp in defence of the intimidating 371-run target. 

But the left-hander got the chance to continue batting as the umpires went through a relook of the grab and found that the left-arm quick wasn't in control of the catch when his hand slid through the ground with the ball held inside. 

McGrath on Starc catch controversy: 'biggest load of rubbish' 

McGrath, however, was having none of it in his assessment of the matter and felt the fielder had the "ball under control". The former Aussie pace giant termed the decision in favour of England and Duckett a "disgrace" and even insisted a case of unfair treatment handed over to the visitors. 

"I’m sorry, that is the biggest load of rubbish I have ever seen," said McGrath on BBC's 'Test Match Special'. "He has got that ball under control. That ball is under control. I’m sorry, I’ve seen everything this game has to offer. If that is not out, then every other catch that’s ever been taken should be not out. That is a disgrace."

"I’ve seen everything now. I cannot believe that. If that ball is not under control, that is ridiculous. He’s got that well under control in two hands. I have seen everything now," he added. 

One of the greatest to have played the game, McGrath was fuming at the decision as it panned out and went to the extent of saying the outcome may have been different if England had been at the receiving end of it, which was a direct accusation of bias from the umpires. 

"If that’s England taking that catch, that’s out. That’s ridiculous. I cannot believe that. That is a regulation catch. If I’m bowling, I’m not happy," he said. "The ground had no assistance in him catching that ball. He’s having a go at Duckett."

"I’d be having a go at everyone if I was Mitchell Starc. That’s basically saying Mitchell Starc is cheating. And he did not cheat, he caught that comfortably. If you catch it in your hand, you have control."