'He took out his towel & began cursing me' - Ishan Kishan recalls Rohit Sharma cursing him during his first season with Mumbai Indians

Ishan Kishan reminisced of a funny incident where he ended up facing a stick from Rohit Sharma.
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Ishan Kishan rolled back life to IPL 2018 when as a youngster he annoyed skipper Rohit Sharma at the Wankhede.

Ishan Kishan recounted a funny incident involving his India and Mumbai Indians (MI) captain Rohit Sharma, who gave him a proper scolding once for rolling the ball along the turf when the dew was making life extremely difficult for the bowlers. 

The incident is from IPL 2018 when Kishan was quite new to the scene with MI. The Jharkhand cricketer didn't know the importance of keeping the ball as dry as possible when the dew is around. 

The youngster thought if he threw the ball back to the playing arena along the turf, he will get it to dry, which might aid some reverse swing for MI seamers. 

Naive back then, Ishan Kishan didn't realise that he is just about to wet the ball through all the dew present at the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai and make things worse for his team. 

"I thought Rohit bhai will be happy" - Ishan Kishan 

Ishan Kishan reminisced of the incident during an interview on the famous YouTube show 'Breakfast with Champions', hosted by Gaurav Kapur. 

"You know what I did one time at Wankhede? I was new, it was my first season and I didn't know anything. Now, to make the ball old, you usually throw it on the ground. So, there was a lot of dew in the match that day. And I thought that if I roll the ball on the field, Rohit Bhai will be happy that I am making the ball old," Kishan recalled the hilarious episode. 

"So, in that dew, I rolled the ball to him. He took out his towel and began cursing at me. Then I looked down and realized what I had done," he added. 

Rohit, though, was kind enough to console his young teammate after the match and told him not to take offence. "Then he told me, 'Don't take it personally, it is just match-to-match," Kishan said, indirectly highlighting his cordial relationship with the man. 

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Kishan also said while Rohit is a "chilled out" character off the field, his brain constantly ticks on it. A calming influence but also an instinctive leader, "when he says a batter will hit in this area, usually it tends to happen."

As captain of MI, Rohit Sharma has won an unprecedented five IPL titles to his name since taking over the side in 2013. Only the legendary MS Dhoni with four IPL trophies is close to him.