Joe Root on Ben Stokes' docu revelations: 'It's very powerful what he has done'

Joe Root lauded his England captaincy successor for opening up about his journey and struggles on and off the field. 
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Joe Root praised his friend for showing remarkable courage in revealing his mental health struggles in the documentary.

Joe Root was a man filled with empathy and respect as he spoke of his friend and Test captaincy successor Ben Stokes' documentary revelations about his journey and battle with mental health issues. 

The former England skipper said Stokes now has his reputation further enhanced within the changing room and acts as a symbol of inspiration for others in the team. 

The modern-day batting giant was talking of England's premier allrounder after watching a documentary filmed on his journey and struggles, titled - Ben Stokes: Phoenix From The Ashes - in London alongside Test squad members selected for the second Test against South Africa. 

The English camp was high on emotions and love for their teammate after exiting the theatre in central London, with Joe Root opting to speak in glowing praise for the new Test match leader on behalf of the whole squad. 

'It takes great courage' - Joe Root on Ben Stokes opening up 

"I think it's very powerful what he's done, to be honest," Root was quoted as saying by ESPNcricinfo after watching the documentary that contains the highs and lows of Stokes' ongoing career for England. 

Root lauded his friend for gathering the courage to open up about his struggles on and off the field in a sporting environment where players are constantly judged by the world outside. 

"To share his journey and his story and everything that he's had to go through. Not just with us as team but the rest of the world. I think it's quite a powerful thing and, you know, I can't see how it won't better the environment that we're playing in."

"And it takes great courage and shows great leadership actually, that it's okay to not be okay sometimes, and to ask for help and go and do what he's done. So it can only be a good thing."

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After watching the documentary, Root admitted to have not known some of the stories his friend shared. "You know Ben - he has not always found it easy to tell everyone where he's at, how he's feeling," he said, adding that it's "remarkable" what Stokes has gone on to achieve for England despite what he has been through. 

"When you see everything that he's dealt with and put it all together and think that's only in a four- or five-year period - wow. You can forget that," he said. 

"Everything that's engulfed that period of time and weighed upon him throughout that journey, and I think it's quite remarkable actually that he is where he is now having been through all that."