Live reaction of Pakistani actors to Virat Kohli's T20 World Cup sixes against Haris Rauf goes viral

Leading up to the defining moment, Rauf had already taken two wickets and put Pakistan in a commanding position with an impressive three-over spell.
Virat Kohli

During the ICC T20 World Cup 2022 last year, former India captain Virat Kohli displayed his heroics by scoring an unbeaten 83, leading India to a thrilling four-wicket victory over Pakistan in a remarkable final over showdown,

Kohli's masterful innings against Pakistan witnessed several crucial moments that will be etched in cricket history. However, none were as captivating as the two decisive swings of his bat that shook the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) and, more importantly, dismantled Pakistan's best bowler in the final moments of the match. The impact was evident as Haris Rauf, left reeling, doubled over in disbelief, questioning the turn of events.

Leading up to this defining moment, Rauf had already taken two wickets and put Pakistan in a commanding position with an impressive three-over spell. However, in the last over, Kohli orchestrated a strategic onslaught that completely disrupted Rauf's plans. The first four deliveries went according to the pacer's intentions: one run, one run, dot ball, and another single. It seemed like a match-winning sequence.

The subsequent two deliveries showcased a magnificent, ruthless, and well-planned dismantling. In the penultimate ball of the over, Kohli exhibited his skill by wielding a nearly straight bat, forcefully striking an off-pace short-length delivery towards the ground and beyond the bowler's head. With a confident swagger, he gracefully sauntered to the side, adding to the elegance of the shot.

Virat Kohli displayed nerves of steel to propel India to a scintillating win

To cap it off, Kohli unleashed yet another audacious stroke on the final delivery. His wrists unleashed their power against Rauf's slightly fuller delivery, which was angling towards the leg stump, propelling the ball soaring over the left fine leg boundary. In a recent video that is currently doing the rounds on social media, Pakistan actors looked disappointed and livid following Kohli's destruction. 

Pandya fell on the first delivery of the final over, before Kohli put Mohammad Nawaz into the stands off a waist high full toss to make it six runs required from the final three deliveries to pull off the unlikely win.

Kohli was bowled on the ensuing delivery, but given it was a free hit India scrambled three byes to leave them in the box seat with just two needed from the final two balls.

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Karthik was stumped on the second last delivery to give Pakistan hope, but Ravi Ashwin came to the crease to hit the winning run from the final ball of the match to clinch a thriller for India.

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