Most Runs in India vs England Test Matches: From Joe Root to Virat Kohli

Surpassing Sachin Tendulkar’s record, Joe Root achieved this milestone during the Test match at the Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium in Hyderabad in 2024.
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The cricketing rivalry between India and England, two of the sport's most storied nations, has produced some of the most iconic moments in Test cricket history. This enduring contest has not only shaped the legacy of the game but also witnessed the rise of numerous legends who have left an indelible mark on the sport.

Over the years, this rivalry has been enriched by extraordinary performances from a host of cricketers, particularly batters, who have braved challenging conditions and formidable bowling attacks to etch their names in the record books. This listicle pays homage to the top five run-scorers in the history of India-England Test matches.

These players, through their exceptional batting skills, resilience, and flair, have significantly contributed to their teams' fortunes and elevated the quality of cricket in these high-octane encounters. From classical stroke players to modern-day heroes, each name on this list represents not just individual brilliance but also the spirit of cricket that transcends borders and generations.

Most Runs in India vs England Test Matches:

1. Joe Root (England) - 2557 Runs

Joe Root has etched his name in cricket history by becoming the highest run-scorer in India-England Test matches. Surpassing Sachin Tendulkar’s record, Root achieved this milestone during the Test match at the Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium in Hyderabad in 2024. His journey in Tests against India, which began in December 2012, has been marked by a combination of resilience and skill, amassing runs consistently against a formidable Indian bowling attack. He has 2557 runs to his name right now, at an excellent average of 60.88, including nine hundreds and 12 fifties.

2. Sachin Tendulkar (India) - 2535 Runs

The legendary Indian batsman Sachin Tendulkar, known for his exquisite batting style and consistency, previously held the record for the most runs in India vs England Test matches. Across 32 matches, Tendulkar's contributions were pivotal in shaping many memorable innings, marked by his technical superiority and an unyielding spirit. His batting exploits against England included seven centuries and numerous invaluable knocks that left a lasting impact on their rivalry. His average of 51.73 also sums up how consistent he was.

3. Sunil Gavaskar (India) - 2483 Runs

Sunil Gavaskar, another stalwart of Indian cricket, occupies the third spot in this illustrious list. In 38 Test matches against England, Gavaskar scored 2483 runs, showcasing his ability to anchor the innings and play the role of a batting genius. His career, studded with four centuries and sixteen fifties against England, underscores his importance in the Indian batting lineup during his era.

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4. Alastair Cook (England) - 2431 Runs

Alastair Cook, the former England captain, known for his solid technique and resilience at the top of the order, scored 2431 runs in 30 Test matches against India. His batting, characterized by the ability to construct marathon innings, included seven hundreds and nine half-centuries, reflecting his vital role in England's batting lineup. Cook's highest score of 294 is a testament to his endurance and skill as a batter.

5. Virat Kohli (India) - 1991 Runs

Virat Kohli, the modern-day batting maestro and former captain of the Indian cricket team, has amassed 1991 runs in 28 Test matches against England. Known for his aggressive style and match-winning efforts, Kohli's contributions have been central to many of India's successes in recent times. His highest score of 235 against England highlights his ability to dominate world-class bowling attacks.

This list of top run-scorers in India-England Test matches shows the rich history and rivalry between these two cricketing nations. The contributions of these players have not only shaped numerous memorable moments in Test cricket but also inspired future generations of cricketers.

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