Top 10 Batters with Most Hundreds in ODI Cricket History - Batting Stats and Records

Virat Kohli and Sachin Tendulkar hold the record for the most hundreds (49) scored in ODI cricket history
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Virat Kohli rose to the top of the list of batters with the most hundreds in ODI cricket history when he scored his 49th hundred during the World Cup 2023 match against South Africa at the Eden Gardens in Kolkata on November 5, 2023.

Virat Kohli rose to the top of the list of batters with the most hundreds in ODI cricket history when he scored his 49th hundred during the World Cup 2023 match against South Africa at the Eden Gardens in Kolkata on November 5, 2023. He has equalled Sachin Tendulkar's record now, who also scored the same number of hundreds in his ODI career.

There have been some marvellous ODI batters over the years who have done unbelievable things on the field. Their supreme skillsets and gameplay have entertained fans and viewers like nothing else.

In this section, we look at the ten batters with the most ODI centuries.

Virat Kohli - 49 Hundreds

Arguably the greatest batter in the modern-day ODI game, Virat Kohli's 49 hundreds came on his birthday in the World Cup 2023. This century has also equalled the world record of most hundreds in ODI cricket, established by Sachin Tendulkar 11 years back in 2012. However, Virat Kohli has taken only 277 innings to reach the feat, 175 less than the legendary Sachin Tendulkar.

Kohli now has 13626 runs at a phenomenal average of 58.48 and a strike rate of 93.55 in ODIs. Apart from 49 hundreds, he also has 70 fifties in this format. Virat has made several records in his ODI career and will look to complete 50 centuries in the ongoing tournament itself.

Sachin Tendulkar - 49 Hundreds

The best batter of all time, Sachin Tendulkar, was the first man to reach 49 ODI centuries. He held this record of most hundreds in ODI cricket for a good 12 years. He was the first man to make a double hundred in the 50-over format as well.

Sachin has 18426 runs, averaging 44.83 and striking at 86.23 in 452 ODI innings. He also amassed 96 fifties, along with 49 centuries. Sachin broke numerous records in a career that spanned over two decades.

Rohit Sharma - 31 Hundreds

The Indian team have been fortunate to have the services of both Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli simultaneously across formats. Rohit Sharma has been absolutely phenomenal ever since he started opening the innings. He will end up as one of the finest-ever ODI batters in the history of the game.

Rohit has 10554 runs at a sensational average of 49.08 and a strike rate of 91.53 in 251 ODI innings. He also has 54 fifties and 31 centuries in this format. Rohit Sharma is also the only man to amass three double tons in ODIs.

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Ricky Ponting - 30 Hundreds

A match-winner and a terrific captain, Ricky Ponting, holds the fourth position in this elite list of most hundreds in ODI cricket. Ponting has easily been among the best ever to grace the game of cricket. His consistency and technique are highly rated even after so many years of his retirement.

Ponting has 13704 runs, averaging 42.03 and striking at 80.39 in 365 ODI innings. The Aussie great also has 82 fifties and 30 centuries to his name. Ponting is easily the best ODI batter ever from Australia.

Sanath Jayasuriya - 28 Hundreds

Sanath Jayasuriya was born to play cricket. He could do everything for his team. A fearsome batter, Jayasuriya, holds the fifth position in this listicle of most hundreds in ODI cricket.

Jayasuriya amassed 13430 runs at a 32.36 average and a strike rate of 91.20 in 433 ODIs. The southpaw also hit 68 fifties as well as 28 centuries. His career lasted more than 20 years, and he remained among the greats continuously.

Hashim Amla - 27 Hundreds

Hashim Amla is an ODI great. At peak, his consistency was second to none, and he also made several records in this format. In a star-studded team, Hashim carved a niche for himself and provided his useful services to the South African team.

Hashim Amla has 8113 runs at an average of 49.46 and a strike rate of 88.39 in 178 ODIs. He also hit 39 fifties and 27 hundreds in his glorious career. His conversion rate was superb, as Amla used to hit a century almost every time he crossed the 50-run mark.

AB de Villiers - 25 Hundreds

AB de Villiers is probably the most all-rounded and skilled batter ever in the history of the game. He was a proper match-winner and among the most reliable batters of his team during his heydays. No wonder he finds a fairly high spot in this section.

AB has 9577 runs, averaging a brilliant 53.50 and striking at 101.09 with the willow in 218 ODI innings. He also has 53 fifties and 25 centuries. AB de Villiers could have easily made more, but he retired despite being at his peak.

Chris Gayle - 25 Hundreds

Another match-winner and a great entertainer, Chris Gayle, made several records during his career. While he might be a beast in T20 cricket, Gayle was also a fantastic ODI and Test batter during his best years. His numbers are fantastic.

Chris Gayle has 10480 runs at an average of 37.83 and a strike rate of 87.19 in 294 ODI innings. Gayle also hit 54 fifties and 25 centuries in his ODI career. He was among those players who could win matches on his own and thrash any bowling unit on his day.

Kumar Sangakkara - 25 Hundreds

Sri Lanka have produced some great batters in their rich history. Kumar Sangakkara will certainly grab a very high position among those greats. In a career that achieved almost everything, Sangakkara’s class never ceased to amaze everyone.

In 380 ODI innings, Sangakkara made 14234 runs at an average of 41.98 and a strike rate of 78.86. The elegant batter also hit a whopping 93 fifties while reaching his century 25 times. Sangakkara was instrumental in Sri Lanka’s numerous memorable wins in the 2000s and mid-2010s.

David Warner - 22 Hundreds

David Warner has achieved so much in his career, and yet it feels he could have achieved more. His ODI career has especially been a glorious one. Warner has been amazingly consistent in this particular format.

David Warner has 6825 runs, averaging 45.80 and striking at 97.27 in 155 ODIs. The Aussie opener has also amassed 32 fifties and 22 centuries. David Warner is in the last phase of his career and will go down as one of the greatest ever from Australia in ODIs.

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