Watch: Faf gets RCB slogan wrong; fans confirm no Cup coming RCB's way

The captain got the team's famous IPL moto wrong during a pre-season special event with Virat Kohli sitting alongside him.ย 
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Faf du Plessis' incorrect pronunciation of Royal Challengers Bangalore's (RCB) famous slogan line got the team's passionate fans worried as they continue to wait for that elusive trophy in the Indian Premier League (IPL). 

The RCB captain ended up calling the famed 'Eee Saala Cup Namde' wrongly by saying "Nahi" instead of "Namde" (basically, 'no cup' instead of a 'cup that is ours'). The South African stalwart got the social media ticking along with his obviously unintentional statement, with fans asking if this is the bad omen before RCB kick off their campaign in IPL 2023.

Du Plessis, of course, didn't mean to state the moto incorrectly and could be seen smirking sheepishly about things, especially as former skipper and star icon Virat Kohli instantly laughed at his version of the famed line. 

Sitting next to the Proteas giant, Kohli burst into laughter and could be seen correcting him quietly. The incident is from a special event held before RCB's opening game of the competition versus five-time champions Mumbai Indians (MI) on Sunday (April 2). 

'Eee saala cup nahi', Du Plessis' remarks go viral 

Hindi not being Du Plessis' greatest suits, the South Africa born cricketer got the sentence wrong, which can happen. But the statement, in an amusing way, didn't go well with the RCB fans who have been waiting for that trophy for the last 16 years and can't obviously stand any bad vibes heading into a fresh season. 

Du Plessis' comment of 'nahi' for 'namde' got those fans worried and brought out their most negative emotion as they felt the cup has just been snatched away from them one more time. 

Here is how a few of them reacted:




To be fair to the franchise, though, their fans can take some solace in the fact that the side has made the playoffs for three consecutive seasons now and is building on nice gains towards the coveted trophy.

Who knows, this could well be the year RCB go all the way under Faf du Plessis' captaincy.