Footage from IPL final shows leak from roof at the Narendra Modi stadium in Ahmedabad

The stadium marvelled for its capacity and overall presence had a roof leak after torrential rains forced the CSK-GT IPL 2023 final to be rescheduled. 
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Hailed to be an architectural marvel, the Ahmedabad Stadium had chinks exposed about it after torrential rains dented the fans' spirits and forced the IPL 2023 final to be called off this Sunday (May 28). 

The marquee encounter between hosts Gujarat Titans (GT) and Chennai Super Kings (CSK) had to be postponed for the reserve day on Monday (May 29), with not even the toss possible amidst unplayable weather conditions. 

While proficient ground staff support was employed for the game to deal with weather interruptions, the heavy rains went unstopped and ultimately left the officials with no option but to reschedule the finale, leaving fans in absolute despair. 

Given that there were stampedes observed outside the ground for physical tickets in the build-up to the game, it was the fans' biggest nightmare playing out, especially for those who had entered the gates in huge numbers about a couple of hours before the scheduled first ball. 

Roof leaks in Ahmedabad stadium give a sorry sight 

That wasn't all, however, the fans had to deal with the worst when they were leaving the stadium. The continuous rains had led to a water piling situation outside the ground and made the exit a strenuous task for people. It is during the ground exit that fans also observed a roof leak at the stadium which is raved over by many to be the most excellent cricket facility built on the planet. 

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Fans were left helplessly dealing with this leak of water on their heads as even the shed couldn't keep them safe and dry. The incident is from just outside the stadium, near the stairs. The clip of which has gone viral over Twitter since it came to light. 

It made for a sorry sight for those watching and made one wonder if, once again, fans were an afterthought in creating the infrastructure and overall facilities at a cricket ground in India. 

Such leaks could be a matter of shame in front of the global audience as the nation marches towards the 2023 World Cup in October-November, for which a large section of world tourists will step on Indian shores.