'The game was at a crucial stage': Kumar Sangakkara's view on Sanju Samson's contentious dismissal

Sanju Samson's wicket turned out be a game-changing moment in the DC vs RR match at Delhi as Rajasthan Royals fell 20 runs short of the target.

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A controversy erupted during the match between Delhi Capitals and Rajasthan Royals at Delhi when Sanju Samson was controversially given out by the TV umpire. Samson was batting on 86 and had taken RR to a comfortable position in their pursuit of the target of 222 runs.

The incident happened during RR's run-chase in the 16th over of the match. Mukesh Kumar had started the over well with just three runs in the first three balls. In the fourth ball, Mukesh bowled a slower one on a length outside off. Samson slammed the ball flat towards long-on. Shai Hope, who was stationed at the long-on boundary, took the catch but the power at which the ball was struck meant Hope had to do a fair bit of work to remain inside the boundary line.

He got extremely close to the work and it also seemed like his boots were touching the boundary cushions, although, the curtains didn't move. It was a marginal decision and it went in favour of Delhi Capitals as Sanju Samson was dismissed for a brilliant 86 off just 46 balls.

After his dismissal, Samson was also seen arguing with the on-field umpires but the decision stood out. The wicket also turned out to be the game-changing moment as Samson was taking RR towards the victory single-handedly. Eventually, Rajasthan Royals lost the match by 20 runs.

Kumar Sangakkara's view on Sanju Samson's contentious dismissal

It was not only Sanju Samson, but Rajasthan Royals Director of Cricket Kumar Sangakkara was also seen disappointed in the dug-out after the dismissal.  Sangakkara attended the post-match press conference and presented his views on the dismissal of RR's captain.

“It depends on replays and angles. Sometimes, you think the foot has touched. It was a difficult one for the third umpire to judge; the game was at a crucial stage, but it happened. We have different perspectives, but at the end of the day, you have to stand by the decision the third umpire has made, even if we have a different opinion on it," Sangakkara opined.

"Of course, we will share it with the umpires, but I thought, irrespective of that, we should've seen the game home. Delhi played well,” the legendary Sri Lanka batter added.

Sangakkara also said that Rajasthan Royals will follow the proper procedures to convey their opinion.

“Just asking what the procedure was and whether there was any doubt. The on-field umpire will have to go by what the TV umpire says. Players have to abide by it, and there are means of conveying your opinion through direct conversation or the umpire's report. We follow protocol; there is a lot of pressure on players and umpires. We try to sort it in the best way we can,” Sangakkara concluded.

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This was Rajasthan Royals' second defeat in a row. Currenlty, they are second in the points table and are still in a prime position to reach the playoffs stage.

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