'Didn't expect Delhi Capitals to play with my emotions' - Dejected India cricketer lashes out at the franchise for IPL 2024 auction goof up

Sumit, who had relocated from Jharkhand to Nagaland due to limited opportunities in his home state was shocked to discover Delhi Capitals' Instagram post.
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In a bizarre goof-up by Delhi Capitals (DC) during the IPL 2024 Auction, an India cricketer's aspirations and dreams were left shattered. Jharkhand's wicketkeeper-batter Sumit Kumar was occupied with other commitments when the IPL 2024 Players Auction was being telecasted. While auctioneer Mallika Sagar announced his name at the glamorous event in Dubai, his mother folded her hands to offer a heartfelt prayer.

As Sumit's name and photo appeared on the television screen, the talented young cricketer garnered attention from multiple bidders. Starting from the base price of INR 20 lakh, the bidding escalated to INR 1 crore before Delhi Capitals secured the cricketer.

Following the announcement, excitement filled Sumit's residence in Jharkhand. Local and national media personnel gathered, seeking comments from Sumit's family. Relatives and neighbors joined in, conveying their congratulations to the aspiring cricketer.

However, the jubilation quickly turned to disappointment for Sumit and his family. Unbeknownst to them, their joy was short-lived as an unexpected twist unfolded.

Sumit Kumar reveals how Delhi Capitals (DC) played with his emotions

Sumit, who had relocated from Jharkhand to Nagaland due to limited opportunities in his home state, was shocked to discover Delhi Capitals' Instagram post featuring another Sumit Kumar from Haryana. In disbelief, Sumit contacted his mother to clarify the misunderstanding, realizing that their initial elation had taken an unfortunate turn.

Speaking exclusively to TOI, Sumit said, "I failed to console my mother. She was so emotional. She was so happy after seeing my name and photo on the television screen and then this shocking incident happened. Delhi Capitals are a big team. I didn't expect them to play with a cricketer's emotions. My family and I felt too bad about it," the 27-year-old said.

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"They put my photo on their Instagram handle as well. They searched for me. They tagged me as well. When I got the notification, I was 100 percent confident. But when they deleted it after a couple of hours, I was confused and shocked," he said.

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