'It just sells papers and clickbait' - Warner's shocking no-sledge promise ahead of the Ashes

The veteran Australian opener wishes for his last Ashes assignment to centre around the game alone after gaining more perspective. 
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Known as one of the most outspoken Ashes cricketers, with multiple controversial instances of involvement in sledging and on-field altercations, David Warner is all set to enter the latest bout for the urn in a transformed avatar. The experienced Australian opener has pledged not to engage in any sledging and banter with England cricketers during the forthcoming five-match Test series in the UK. 

In what would come as a major surprise for cricket followers, who have come to associate an in-your-face attitude and aggression with the imposing left-hander, he stands averse to sledging today and believes his last Ashes assignment shall centre around the game alone. 

To be fair to him, Warner has held a rather sedate presence ever since his comeback from the controversial ball-tampering incident back in 2018 in Cape Town. The cricketer has focused on improving his image by indulging in heartening social media activities and holding a smiling presence on the cricket field at the international stage and in the IPL while still retaining a passionate outlook when it comes to the playing act. 

That being a complete breakaway from the times he got suspended for a brawl with Joe Root during the 2013 Ashes series in England, however, takes fans by a huge surprise still, as there is today no more a changed cricketer at the highest level. 

Warner's interesting no-sledge promise before Ashes 2023

Speaking from the sidelines of Australia's preparatory camp in Kent ahead of the World Test Championship (WTC) final against India at The Oval from June 7, David Warner gave an insight on his new pledge to do no sledging during the Ashes 2023. 

The cricketer insisted he has learnt his lessons the hard way after facing the brunt and being painted as an overly combative individual throughout his career, especially in the pre-Cape Town days, when he would regularly engage in on-field altercations with opposition players. 

"It just sells papers and clickbait," Warner was quoted saying by the ICC. "So I won’t be getting involved in any of that stuff. I will leave it to themselves. Today there is no real banter in the field."

"It is just about playing quality cricket and trying to get the upper edge on each other. It is a lot more connected these days than before which I think is great for the game," he added. 

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Held by Australia currently, the Ashes begins on June 16 with the first Test in Birmingham. It is notably the earliest start to an Ashes summer in the UK due to all the limited-overs cricket scheduled at the back half of the season just prior to the 2023 World Cup in India.