Former India cricketer hits back at Starc for Deepti Sharma-linked warning against Buttler

The former India cricketer told the Aussie speedster to "grow up" and recognise the run-out laws for what they are in the ICC rule book. 
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Mitchell Starc made a 'Deepti Sharma' reference after issueing a warning to Jos Buttler at the other end in Canberra. 

Former India cricketer Hemang Badani took offence to Mitchell Starc's 'Deepti Sharma' mention while aborting from a run-out at the non-striker's end during the third T20I of the series against England on Friday (October 14). 

Starc issued a warning to opposition skipper Jos Buttler, standing at the other end, in a manner that came across as disrespectful to Deepti, the Indian women's spinner who inflicted a famous run-out of Charlie Dean at the non-striker's end at Lord's last month. 

In a clip posted over Twitter by Sony Sports Network, the Indian broadcasters for the Australian home season, Starc can be seen telling Buttler to stay inside the crease. 

But in a remark that came across as a shade on Deepti, he told Buttler, "I am not Deepti, I won't do it (the run-out)" but that doesn't mean he can leave the crease "early". To this Buttler replied, "I don't think I did (leave the crease before Starc delivered the ball)".


Badani reacts to Starc's 'Deepti Sharma' mention 

The moment the clip was posted, it immediately grabbed attention as a large section of fans took Starc's comment as an indirect jibe at the Indian women's spinner. 

Even ex India player turned commentator, Hemang Badani, let his feelings clear on the Australian speedster's remarks, telling him to "grow up" and recognise what Deepti did was "well within the rules" of the sport. 

"Grow up Starc. That’s really poor from you," Badani tweeted. "What Deepti did was well within the rules of the game. If you only want to warn the non striker and not get him out that’s fine and your decision to make but you bringing Deepti into this isn’t what the cricket world expects of you."



Badani reiterated what those backing Deepti Sharma's act have been conveying all this while, alluding to the laws of the sport which allow for the non-striker to be dismissed run-out if he/she happens to leave the crease before the bowler releases the ball. 

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Deepti spotted Dean to be outside the popping crease before the point of releasing her delivery and duly inflicted the run-out, which created much furore over social media, especially amongst English cricket fans and experts who kept backing the case for the unwritten 'spirit of cricket' to be upheld.