'We don't need outsiders' - Gautam Gambhir makes a bold claim about India's coaching setup

Gambhir addressed the misconceptions that might lead some to believe that a foreign coach would be more effective.
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Former Indian opener Gautam Gambhir disagrees with the notion that India needs to consider hiring a foreign coach once the tenure of the current head coach, Rahul Dravid concludes. Gambhir highlighted India's journey to the final of the 2023 World Cup, emphasizing that the coaching staff, predominantly comprised of Indians, played a crucial role. He addressed the misconception that the lack of proficiency in presentation skills might lead some to believe that a foreign coach would be more effective.

In an exclusive interview with Sportskeeda, Gautam Gambhir expressed his perspective on the necessity for teams like India and Pakistan to have coaches from their respective countries:

"We saw how well India played in the World Cup and that shows that we don't need anyone from the outside. Our problem is we are probably not able to present that well, use the laptop, or speak English that well. We don't have those corporate skills, but we know how to put the hard yards on the field and do the groundwork."

Gambhir highlights the importance of emotions in coaches

Gautam Gambhir emphasizes the importance of emotions in sports, asserting that it is the driving force for both individuals and their coaches. He believes that the passion exhibited by Rahul Dravid, if he continues as the Indian head coach, would be unmatched by any foreign counterpart.

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While Rahul Dravid has agreed to extend his contract as the head coach of the Indian team, he clarified that he is yet to formally sign the papers.

"We have had so many great players who have won World Cups so if they want to come into the coaching setup, India and Pakistan need to back them as coaches. Emotions are very important in sport because when you wear that shirt, you know how much blood and sweat you have given to reach that level. If India don't give extension to Rahul Dravid, I hope some Indian coach replaces him."

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