Mayank Agarwal files police complaint to investigate foul play on Indigo flight

The India cricketer drank from a bottle thinking it had water but was actually acid. 
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In a shocking incident, Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH) and India star Mayank Agarwal had to be rushed to the hospital yesterday (January 30) after falling ill just before his New Delhi-bound flight was about to take off from Agartala. Mayank had unknowingly consumed from a bottle believing it to be water but was in fact acid stored in a pouch on his seat during an IndiGo Airlines flight. He is now reported to be in stable condition and out of immediate danger.

After leading Karnataka to a 29-run victory over Tripura, he was set to participate in the upcoming Ranji Trophy match against Railways in Gujarat. However, due to his current health status, Mayank has been rightfully ruled out of the game. Instead, arrangements are being made to transport him to Bengaluru for further medical treatment.

In a recent report from PTI, it has now been disclosed that the Indian cricketer has filed a police complaint through his manager, seeking an investigation into the incident.

Mayank Agarwal has also shared an update from the hospital on his Instagram account with the caption, "I am feeling better now."

Police narrate details of the incident

SP West Tripura Kiran Kumar told the media, "Mayank Agarwal (is) an international cricket player. Now, he is stable, and his vitals are normal. But his manager has lodged a specific complaint under NCCPS (New Capital Complex Police Station) to investigate the matter." 


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The cop further narrated the incident in detail and said, “His manager said that when he was sitting in the aeroplane, there was a pouch in front of him. He drank a little bit, not much, but suddenly there was irritation in his mouth, and suddenly he couldn't talk also and was brought to ILS hospital. He had swelling and ulcers in the mouth. Otherwise, his vitals are stable.”

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