'I don't want to name that person on camera' - Praveen Kumar lashes out at senior India player who ruined his image

The 37-year-old cricketer disclosed that this phase in his life led to a period of depression.
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In a recent discourse, former Indian fast bowler Praveen Kumar recently discussed an unfortunate incident where a senior player tarnished his reputation during his tenure with the national team.

Although he refrained from disclosing the individual's name, Praveen hinted that this person associated him negatively with alcohol consumption. He emphasized that he was not the sole player indulging in such behavior and pointed out that many others were also partaking in alcohol consumption.

Speaking about how he was singled out when it came to alcohol, here's what Praveen Kumar said during an interview with The Lallantop: "When I joined the Indian team, a few senior players asked me to stop drinking and avoid a few other things. However, everyone consumed alcohol but still maligned my name. While many senior players treated us youngsters very well, there was someone who spread negativity around my name. I don't want to name that person on camera, but everybody knows who ruined my image."

Praveen Kumar reveals going into depression

Addressing the unfair singling out he faced regarding alcohol-related matters, Praveen Kumar expressed his disappointment at not securing coaching opportunities with Indian Premier League (IPL) franchises or Uttar Pradesh's domestic team due to the perceived notion.

The 37-year-old cricketer disclosed that this phase in his life led to a period of depression. He shared that spending some time in Haridwar played a crucial role in his recovery.

Praveen Kumar's IPL career concluded in 2017 when he represented the now-defunct Gujarat Lions. Failing to secure a spot in the subsequent auction prompted his retirement in 2018.

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During his prime, Praveen Kumar was widely recognized as one of the premier swing bowlers in the country, concluding his international cricket career with an impressive tally of 112 wickets across formats.

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