Ex-India selector reveals MS Dhoni dropped Rohit Sharma for 2011 WC

With players like Sachin Tendulkar and young Virat Kohli in his side, Dhoni was fortunate to have a constellation of stars in his team that significantly contributed to their success.
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MS Dhoni captained the Indian team to victory in the 2011 ODI World Cup held in India. With players like Sachin Tendulkar and a young Virat Kohli on his side, Dhoni was fortunate to have a constellation of stars in his team that significantly contributed to their success.

Several years after the illustrious triumph, Raja Venkat, a former Bengal cricketer and a member of the selection panel for the men’s national team from 2008 to 2012 made a startling revelation during an interview with RevSports. Venkat disclosed that the decision to include leg-spinner Piyush Chawla was at the behest of Dhoni, which consequently led to the non-selection of Rohit Sharma.

“When we sat to select the team, Rohit was very much in the scheme of things. Yashpal Sharma and I were in South Africa at that time because India was touring South Africa, and the other three selectors – Srikkanth, [Surendra] Bhave and [Narendra] Hirwani – were in Chennai."

Rohit Sharma's name was backed by coach Gary Kirsten

"So, when we were selecting the team, numbers 1-14, every name was accepted by the panel. No. 15, we suggested the name of Rohit Sharma. Gary Kirsten also felt it was a perfect selection. But the captain wanted Piyush Chawla. So immediately, Kirsten somersaulted. He said: ‘I think that’s a better choice.’ So, that is how Rohit Sharma got left out,” Venkat added.

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The 2011 World Cup held in India showcased Yuvraj Singh as a standout performer for the Indian team. Displaying prowess with both bat and ball, Yuvraj emerged as a pivotal figure. His exceptional contributions earned him the prestigious title of Player of the Series. In the final match held in Mumbai, Dhoni played a crucial role, culminating in his iconic six that secured India's victory in the tournament.

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