Watch: Wrong batter reviews! Utter chaos in KKR-SRH game after Rinku Singh forgets to signal DRS and timer runs out

Rinku Singh made an error not to opt for the DRS review, with a gesture from batting partner Sam Billings considered null and void as per the protocols. 
Rinku Singh and Sam Billings had an animated discussion with the umpires.

Rinku Singh was left to regret his decision not to opt for the DRS review after the timer ran out and batting partner Sam Billings' gesture was discounted. 

Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) batter Rinku Singh was denied the chance to review an LBW call made on the field by the match officials after his batting partner Sam Billings' gesture in opting for the DRS got discounted in an IPL 2022 game on Saturday (May 14). 

In a rare incident, Singh missed out on a DRS review as the time limit of 15 seconds ran out while the standing umpires didn't record Billings' gesture as an official move to opt for the referral against the Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH). 

In a matter that again sheds light on the tricky nature of the laws and protocols in place, Singh and Billings were left to argue with the two umpires in frustration as for a review to be officially considered, the striker had to make the DRS gesture himself, not his batting partner. 

This, meant that even as Billings had looked at the umpire and asked him for an LBW review, it wasn't considered an official request because Rinku Singh, the striker involved, hadn't gone for the referral himself. 

Rinku Singh denied a DRS review after failing to gesture for the referral 

The controversial incident took place halfway through the twelth over in KKR's first-innings. Having just arrived to the crease, Rinku Singh was batting 5 off 5 balls at the time, when he received a stupendous yorker from left-arm T Natarajan. 

The left-hander missed the full-pitched ball, looking pinned in front of the stumps. The on-field umpire took his time but finally raised his finger. 

At that point, it seemed any review that Rinku and Billings may consider opting for is more out of hope and desperation than any substance. 

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But they were denied even that slender chance by the DRS protocols in place for the IPL, which dictate that a batter must review for himself and any gesture in request for the referral from the batting partner will not be counted. 

Billings made one such gesture but it didn't matter, leaving Singh regret his decision not to review the LBW call while the timer of 15 seconds ran out. 

Soon the KKR duo had an animated discussion with the on-field umpires. But ultimately, Rinku Singh had to make the long walk to the pavillion.