Gavaskar slams Kohli for poor shot on Day 5 of the WTC Final

The batting legend questioned the Indian No.4's thought process in going for an expensive cover drive against Scott Boland at The Oval.
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"Ordinary shot!!". Sunil Gavaskar was blunt in his assessment of Virat Kohli's questionable attempt of a cover drive at a wide ball outside the off-stump to be dismissed out caught on Day 5 of the World Test Championship (WTC) final at The Oval. 

Kohli got out in that infamous fashion once again, chasing a ball from the seventh stump line and edging it to the slip cordon against Australian seamer Scott Boland. Despite being well set at 49, the modern-day giant was drawn into a risky drive that ultimately ended his stay in the middle. 

The departure of the batting great triggered the Indian collapse as the Asian giants lost their last seven wickets inside the morning session to suffer a painstaking loss in the ultimate clash against the Australians. Fuming at the result on the outside, Gavaskar questioned the thought process behind Virat Kohli's stroke. 

The legend even wondered if it was the looming milestone that led to the Kohli drive. The stroke once again sparked discussions on the Indian batter's questionable persistence with a fronfoot push and overall technique. Even in the first half of the game, he was out going at a steep rising ball from Mitchell Starc. 

Gavaskar critical of Kohli for costly drive 

Speaking to host broadcaster Star Sports after the loss, Gavaskar didn't hesitate to term Virat Kohli's shot in the match circumstance an "ordinary" one, which proved very expensive to the Indian cause as they could only muster another 55 runs for the last six wickets from the point of his dismissal. 

"Some of the shots that we saw were ridiculous. Seven wickets and we don't even last a session? Come on!. If you ask me why did he play that shot, I don't know. You should ask Kohli. It was so far outside the off-stump," Gavaskar said in the post-match show. 

"Kohli was looking for his milestone. As a professional cricketer you cannot run behind any landmarks. He was thinking of adding another 50 to his career which is useless," he added. 

Virat Kohli's stroke would be part of the discussions for quite some time as it's an issue which has plagued the Indian great for most of his career. Despite multiple times flirting at such deliveries outside the off-stump and losing his wicket, the veteran batter hasn't changed his method and continues to feel for the ball by pushing his weight forward regardless of the length.