Truth revealed behind Virat Kohli's mysterious wristband

While Virat Kohli celebrated his most ODI tons milestone against NZ during the semis, a photograph surfaced of him with a distinctive black band adorning his wrist and sparked speculations on social media.
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Former India skipper Virat Kohli entered the record books during the 2023 ODI World Cup semi-final clash between India and New Zealand on November 15. Virat Kohli, in a remarkable feat, secured his 50th ODI century, eclipsing Sachin Tendulkar's longstanding record for most ODI tons. Notably, Sachin himself was present at Wankhede Stadium to witness this historic moment. Consequently, Virat Kohli now stands as the ODI batter with the highest number of centuries in the 50-over format.

Previously during the league stage match against South Africa, Kohli equaled Tendulkar's record with his 49th century. To put this achievement in perspective, Sachin achieved 49 centuries across 451 ODI innings, while Kohli achieved the same feat in just 277 innings.

While Virat Kohli celebrated this milestone, a photograph surfaced of him with a distinctive black band adorning his wrist, sparking speculation on social media. The curiosity surrounding the purpose of this wrist accessory has led to various discussions.

How does the wristband function?

Initially mistaken for a watch, the accessory is in fact a 'fitness band.' Specifically, it belongs to the 'WHOOP' brand which is yet to be officially launched in India. Differing from conventional fitness bands or trackers, the WHOOP band lacks a display and utilizes a unique charging mechanism. Its exceptional features extend beyond mere tracking, providing real-time stress scores. Notably, this recovery-focused tracker informs players about their body's readiness for play and suggests areas for improvement.

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It is worth noting that this innovative fitness band was seen not only on Virat Kohli's wrist but also on the wrists of other Indian cricketers and stands out for its distinctive attributes in a market saturated with various smartwatches and fitness bands.

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