'Wow' - KL Rahul reacts to Sunil Gavaskar's comment while attending the press conference

KL Rahul reacted to Sunil Gavaskar's comment that said KL Rahul's hundred was one of the 'top 10 centuries in Indian history'. 
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Gavaskar, during his commentary, lauded Rahul's performance in Centurion as one of the top ten centuries by an Indian in Test cricket, a statement that speaks volumes about Rahul's skill and determination.

"I've been watching cricket for the last 50 years, but I can surely say that this hundred by Rahul is in the Top 10 centuries scored by Indians in Test cricket," he said during commentary. 

The post-match press conference was abuzz with excitement over Rahul's achievement. When asked about Gavaskar's comment, Rahul's reaction was a mix of surprise and humility. His spontaneous "WOW" echoed the sentiments of many cricket fans and experts who had witnessed his innings. Rahul expressed his gratitude for the compliment, acknowledging the significance of being praised by a cricketing great like Gavaskar.

KL Rahul reacts to Gavaskar's comments

"Firstly, I'm very humbled he's made that comment. It's a pretty huge compliment to get. Batting in the middle order, what I've realised is that you can't really plan your innings all that much when you walk in. There is a situation in front of you. The game tells you how you need to play and what you need to do in that time and in that moment," he said.

"That's what I try to do walk in with very free and empty mindset when I'm batting and see what the game demands of me and try and do my best. Yesterday and today the situation was quite clear: I am batting with the tail and need to take my chances. I tried to score as many runs as possible so I'm pretty happy."

Rahul's journey through 2023 has been a rollercoaster of emotions and challenges. Earlier in the year, he faced setbacks, including a forgettable performance in the Border-Gavaskar trophy and a thigh injury that sidelined him for a significant period. However, his return to the game was marked by a series of successful performances in one-day internationals, culminating in this memorable Test century.

"When the injury happened and I was away from the game for a long time, I worked on myself and tried to go back to the person that I am," Rahul said of his injury.

"I realized that I can't get affected by these things and change myself; rather I shouldn't change myself. It's difficult to remain yourself, remain true to your personality when there's so much happening; it's the hardest thing. But like anything else in cricket and life, there are ways to work on it, there are people who can help you if your mind is open. So when I was out of the game, I worked on myself and worked on remaining calmer and taking care of what's happening inside my head," he added.

What makes Rahul's story even more compelling is his mental fortitude in the face of adversity. He spoke candidly about dealing with criticism and negativity, particularly in the age of social media. His approach is simple yet effective - focusing on his game and performance rather than getting bogged down by external opinions.