'Doesn't deserve a place in white-ball squad' - Yuvraj Singh makes a big statement about this India Star

The player was a part of the last three ICC white-ball events for India and his inclusion attracted a lot of debate in the cricketing fraternity.

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Former Indian all-rounder Yuvraj Singh has made a bold remark about an active Indian player, stating that he shouldn't be in consideration for India's white-ball setup moving forward.

One of the successful players of his era, Ravichandran Ashwin has achieved remarkable success in Test cricket, showcasing exceptional skills in taking wickets. However, opinions diverge when it comes to his suitability for white-ball cricket.

Despite Ashwin's fluctuating performance in ODIs and T20Is, he has consistently been included in various World Cups in both formats. His participation in the last three ICC white-ball events for India has sparked considerable debate within the cricketing community.

Former India all-rounder Yuvraj Singh, when questioned about Ashwin's prospects in white-ball cricket, promptly expressed the view that the seasoned spinner "doesn't deserve" a spot in India's T20I and ODI squads.

Yuvraj Singh backs his reason

Yuvraj believes that Ashwin should exclusively be considered for the Test format due to his perceived limited contributions with the bat and in the field in white-ball cricket. 

Speaking to TOI in an exclusive chat, here's what Yuvraj Singh had to say about one of India's premier spinners: "Ashwin is a great bowler but I don’t think he deserves a place in ODIs and T20s. He is very good with the ball, but what does he bring with the bat? Or as a fielder? In the Test team, yes, he should be there. But in white-ball cricket, I don’t think he deserves a place."

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Yuvraj and Ashwin were both integral members of the Indian team that clinched the ODI World Cup in 2011. Ashwin has consistently praised Yuvraj's significant contributions to Indian cricket, particularly acknowledging the challenges he overcame during a health crisis.

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