'Some things may have been personal...:' Anil Kumble sheds light on Kohli-Gambhir spat

The former India captain felt disappointed by the behaviour on display from the two experienced heads after RCB's win over LSG in IPL 2023. 
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Anil Kumble was left dismayed at the brash show of anger by Indian cricketers Virat Kohli and Gautam Gambhir after the IPL 2023 league stage encounter played on Monday (May 1) night in Lucknow. The spin great felt the two ex India and Delhi teammates crossed the line with their behaviour following the result. 

For Kumble, it's fine to have a passionate outlook about the game but there is also an acceptable code of conduct, which shall not be breached. Kohli and Gambhir have already been fined 100% of their match fees for breaching IPL's Article 2.1, pertaining to the necessary code of conduct. 

The ugly altercation involving two modern-day giants who have previously as well engaged in multiple verbal spats and angry exchanges had them fuming and arguing after Royal Challengers Bangalore's (RCB) low-scoring win over hosts Lucknow Super Giants (LSG). 

The RCB batter was seen sharing a mouthful with the LSG mentor and the two could easily have crossed the line if not for the timely intervention from remaining players and support staff members. 

It isn't precisely clear what led to the dramatic scenes and what got spoken, but from the clips doing the rounds, it is believed that a series of sledging interactions with LSG players during the game, with Kohli being the common link, got Gambhir riled up. 

Kumble on the ugly Kohli-Gambhir verbal spat 

The bone of contention for Virat Kohli may also have been Gambhir's animated reaction and expression of anger following LSG's win on RCB's home turf earlier in the tournament. From the very beginning of the game, Kohli had his beast mode on, making life difficult for opposition batters by throwing words at them. 

Among the LSG players, seamer Naveen-Ul-Haq and wristspinner Amit Mishra, with both of whom Kohli was involved in a verbal altercation, seemingly gave it back in equal measure. The feud with Naveen acted as a prelude to the Gambhir tussle. 

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Whatever said and done, however, Kumble felt, things shouldn't have escalated to such a stage between the two experienced individuals. The former India captain was particularly aggrieved at the post-match hands shake tradition being turned into a battleground between opposite camps and expressed worry there might be few things "personal" said in the heat of the moment. 

"A lot of emotion goes in but you don’t want to be displaying those emotions here," Kumble said on 'JioCinema'. "This is important, you need to have a conversation. But this is something that’s unacceptable. No matter what, you have to respect the opposition and the game."

"Once a game is over, you have to shake hands and tip your hat off, not to the player but to the game because that’s something you need to respect."

"I don’t know what was spoken, some things may have been personal and you don’t want that on the cricket field. But with Gautam and Virat and the players involved, it wasn’t the nicest thing to see," he added.