Watch: Ashish Nehra's hilarious interaction with Murali Karthik results in 'unexplainable' fall for the commentator

The two former India cricketers indulged in hilarious banter episode which was later played out on the giant screen at the iconic Eden Gardens in Kolkata. 
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 Former India cricketers Ashish Nehra and Murali Karthik engaged in funny pre-match banter in IPL 2023 on Saturday (April 29), which led to hilarious scenes for those watching. The Gujarat Titans (GT) head coach was seen having a chat with the Indian commentator that resulted in an "unexplainable" fall for the latter. 

The interaction took place just prior to the toss in Titans' league stage encounter of the ongoing T20 tournament against the Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR). Ex left-arm pacer Nehra was seen indulging in some fun banter with his former India teammate and left-arm spinner Karthik. 

The friendly chat took amusing turn of events when the Titans coach decided to give a tap to the unmentionables to Karthik, who was left in obvious pain as he fell on the turf and required the help of Nehra and one other individual in the Titans' camp to get back on his feet. 

The commentator tried to give it back to Nehra in equal measure without taking any evident offence but the cheeky former left-arm quick was quick to step away and avoid a similar blow. He was later seen laughing about the incident from the team dugout while Karthik couldn't put to words in the commentary box what exactly happened there. 

The Nehra-Karthik hilarious banter episode in Kolkata 

A clip capturing the incident has gone viral on Twitter ever since it took place. Just before he did his anchoring duties for the toss to determine who would initiate play with the ball in Titans' away clash in Kolkata against the Knight Riders, Karthik indulged in some funny banter with Nehra. 

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It was a decision he was left to regret thereafter as Nehra gave him a tap into the unmentionables and left him in pain as Karthik fell on the turf and needed help from his ex India teammate to regain his footing. 

Much later, when Nehra was sitting in the Titans' dugout, the episode was played out on the giant screen at the Eden Gardens and the coach couldn't help but erupt in a great laughter. 

When Karthik was asked about the incident in the commentary box by his co-commentators, he said it was an "unexplainable" matter in play.