Delhi Capitals duo slam IPL for batter-biased rules

Delhi Capitals bowling unit recently opined on the changes introduced in the Indian Premier League with the impact player rule.

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Delhi Capitals bowling unit recently opined on the changes introduced in the Indian Premier league with the impact player rule. Axar Patel and Mukesh Kumar reflected on the challenges and struggles faced by the bowlers as the rule largely helps the team franchises to bring additional batsmen to their squad which affects the performance of all-rounders and inclines the game towards the batters. 

Previously, the Indian captain Rohit Sharma gave a similar statement and criticized the impact play rule as it affects the performance of the all-rounder and affects the morale of the bowlers as they concede runs. The 17th season of the tournament has seen unrealistic records being created in the season which has largely affected the bowlers performances. 

Axar Patel and Mukesh Kumar slam the Impact Player Rule in IPL 2024 

In a recent interview, Indian all-rounder Axar Patel reflected on the impact player rule in IPL 2024 affects the influence of all-rounder a in the match. He discussed that since players possess the skills with both the bat and the ball they should showcase it in the match. 

"Whoever is making the rules, they are thinking that everything will work as per batter's convenience. Obviously, it has been difficult (for the bowlers). According to me, it's difficult but obviously you will have the opportunity as well that you can perform well in that situation, if you have the skills then how you can use them”, said Axar Patel. 

Patel further highlighted that whoever comes into bat low down the order immediately starts hitting making it difficult for the bowlers to get a hold on the game which makes him despise the rule. 

"Because of the Impact sub rule, everyone gets one more batsman so they think that they will use the batsman in case the batting unit doesn't go well. And whosoever comes to play, they don't take much time and start (hitting) from the first ball because they know that they have a player in seventh or eighth place. That is why I am not a big fan of the rule, because as an allrounder I know that they will either take a proper batsman or a bowler, not an allrounder”, he discussed. 

Further adding to Axar’s statements, the Delhi Capitals pacer Mukesh Kumar highlighted that since international cricket does not allow 12 players then the IPL shall not amend the rules as well as it affects the bowlers’ performances. 

Mukesh Kumar said, "If 12 players are not playing at the international level, then what is the need for it in the IPL? With 12 players, even if four wickets are down, the next player is not scared of getting out or making the team stable, they come and play their shots. So either the nature of tracks should be changed or 12 players should not be allowed."

Though the rule makes the matches entertaining, it is largely affecting the performance of the bowlers which is not ideal with respect to international cricket. After massive criticism, the IPL officials have recently released the statement indicating the possibilities of reviewing the implication of the impact rule in the upcoming seasons of the IPL.