'Imagine what he can do...:' Read Nitish Rana's emotional statement after Rinku Singh's crazy knock

Rinku Singh pulled off an unbelievable win in the last over against Gujarat Titans.
Nitish Rana heaped praise on Rinku Singh for his match-winning effort.?width=963&height=541&resizemode=4

Rinku Singh hit five stupendous sixes off Yash Dayal to heist the match from the jaws of defeat against Gujarat Titans. Nitish Rana gave all praises to Rinku Singh after the game. Rana said that he believed in Rinku all along the way.

Kolkata Knight Riders required 28 runs to win off the final five balls. Rinku made 30.

Nitish Rana praises Rinku Singh after the victory

Rinku Singh left everyone awestruck with his fireworks with the willow. KKR captain Nitish Rana exclaimed, “This result is only down to Rinku and his brilliance.” Rana further said, “People keep asking me why he doesn't play a bigger role. If this is his secondary role, then imagine what he can do in a primary role. I don't have words to describe his knock."

Indeed, we are all short of words after that Rinku special. No words can describe what Rinku did today in the final over of the game.

Rana might have said it sarcastically, but that’s the truth. Rinku has always excelled in whatever role he was assigned in the IPL. Be it his partnership with Shardul Thakur in the last game against Royal Challengers Bangalore or finishing the game in the last over today, Rinku has done it all.

Yes, Yash Dayal did bowl full tosses and slot balls in the over. But to hit five consecutive maximums when the team requires 28 runs is truly unbelievable. Dayal covered his eyes in disbelief after the last six.

Rinku Singh has always been rated highly by cricket experts. The southpaw always had that ability to do such things on the field.

Rinku Singh shattered several records today during his onslaught. He made the most runs (30) by a batter in the last over of a chase in T20 cricket. KKR chased 29 runs, which is the most in the final over of an IPL innings. Rinku also joins the elite list of batters to hit five sixes in an over in the IPL.

It is never easy to overshadow a hat-trick. If there was anyone who could do that today, it was probably Rinku Singh. And Rinku did it.