IPL 2023: 'You bring one social media trophy and see how RCB will win' - Virat Kohli's funny take on elusive IPL trophy

The India and RCB batting great took a humorous avatar to talk about his team's peristent trophy drought in the toughest T20 league. 
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Virat Kohli opted for a funny outlook to speak on Royal Challengers Bangalore's (RCB) persistent trophy draught in the Indian Premier League (IPL). Being one of the only IPL franchises never to have lifted the coveted trophy, their former skipper, however, said if the battle was held on social media, the scales would've been tilted decisively in RCB's favour. 

Aware of RCB's tremendous fan following in Bangalore and the entire country, the Indian batting great said there was ever an all-inclusive tussle for the social media trophy, RCB would be frontrunners to such extent that there would be no competition left after two weeks. 

It was a tongue-in-cheek remark, of course, one made during a special interview with Danish Sait, who switched on his famed 'Mr Nags' avatar once again and got down chatting with the team's longest servant. No player has been retained by their franchise for as many years as Kohli. 

During this chat, as Nags brought the jovial side out of the modern-day legend, Virat Kohli said there would be no need for 14 matches, the RCB side can stand triumphant with the title if it was played for on the social media platforms, where RCB fans are in unmatched numbers across the board. 

Virat Kohli's hilarious remark on RCB's trophy drought 

"Our social media performance is miles ahead of everyone. Get a trophy there, then watch. You bring one social media trophy and see how RCB will win. No competition only. Two weeks into the tournament, we will win. Don't need to play the last few games; 4-5 enough," Kohli said as the chat with Mr Nags shifted to the elusive trophy. 

Recently, Kohli defended the RCB franchise saying that the team may not have tasted the success of the trophy but has made the playoffs the most number of times outside the two most successful teams Mumbai Indians (MI) and Chennai Super Kings (CSK). 

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Three-time finalists, the RCB, is one of the original eight IPL franchises to have never lifted the trophy. That, however, has never reflected negatively in their popularity. Over the years, the RCB franchise has come to sustain a cult following because of the series of cricketing icons it has come to be associated with, attracting a passionate fanbase that can't stand a word against their favourite side. 

"This is big franchise pressure. Lot of people take it as all fun and games like 'This team doesn't win'. Come and play, when there are so many expectations. We're a big team. Otherwise why would we have so many so fans if we were some faaltu (irrelevant) team," Kohli said.