After screaming at Arshdeep, Rohit Sharma accused of turning his back on youngster when requesting for field change; video goes viral

Rohit Sharma's on-field aggressiveness has rubbed some fans the wrong way after a clip of him apparently turning his back on Arshdeep Singh when he requested for a field change went viral.
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Arshdeep Singh might have been publically backed by Rohit Sharma after his dropped catch against Pakistan, but a video of the Indian skipper turning his back on the left-arm quick after he requested a field change has rubbed fans the wrong way.

"Arshdeep Singh was disappointed after the drop catch then he came back strongly in the 20th over. We don't look much into social media, there is lots of crap happening," Rohit said in the post-match press conference 

But a clipped video during the game against Sri Lanka showed Rohit apparently frustrated at Arshdeep requesting a field change and turning his back on him. While the context isn't exactly clear, fans have been reacting furiously to the video.

Watch Rohit Sharma turning his back on Arshdeep Singh here