Former BCCI treasurer rubbishes politics behind Ganguly's exit

"Nobody spoke a word against him," Arun Dhumal stated that all the allegations are baseless and said that all the members were satisfied with the work done by the team.
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Sourav Ganguly’s tenure as BCCI’s President is set to end next week. If reports are to be believed, Roger Binny will be replacing him at the helm. Moreover, it was also reported that Ganguly was willing to continue at the top position only to be left disappointed to know that not many backed him to continue for his second term.

Meanwhile, former BCCI treasurer Arun Dhumal has quashed all the reports regarding politics against Ganguly among the board members. He also went to stress the fact that no BCCI President has been able to serve for the second successive term ever in the board. Dhumal also clarified that all the allegations are baseless.

“There has been no BCCI president who has served for more than three years in independent India. All this media speculation about Dada being told or a few members were against him, they are all baseless,” he said while speaking to PTI.

Nobody spoke a word against Dada, said Dhumal

Perhaps, Arun Dhumal went on to reveal that none of the BCCI members spoke anything against Sourav Ganguly. He also added that everyone was extremely happy and satisfied with the way the team worked over the last three years with Ganguly at the helm.

Dhumal, who is set to become next IPL Chairman, also noted that Sourav Ganguly, like he was during his playing career, was one of the better administrators as well.

“Nobody spoke a word against him. All the Board members were extremely happy and satisfied with the entire team and how BCCI was run in the last three years despite the challenges posed by COVID-19. Dada has had a very distinguished career as an India captain, one of the best ever leaders. As an administrator he took the entire team along and we worked as one team,” Arun Dhumal added.

As for Sourav Ganguly’s work as the BCCI President, he faced a stern examination in the form of COVID when the IPL had to be postponed in 2020 entirely and stopped midway in 2021. Moreover, the domestic calendar also had to be delayed and cut down during the last couple of years before things returned to normal this year.