To hell with Spirit of the Game: Hardik Pandya hits back at England over run-out controversy

Hardik Pandya spoke strongly in favour of the run out rule 
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Hardik Pandya said that he won't mind if bowlers run him out at non-striker's end

Team India all-rounder Hardik Pandya said that one shouldn't be thinking about the Spirit of the Game while running out batters at the no-striker's end in their delivery stride. For quite a few years, the form of dismissal has given rise to debates. 

Recently, Indian off-spinner Deepti Sharma dismissed England's Charlotte Dean in a similar manner and helped her team secure a 3-0 series victory. Despite the win at the Lord's Cricket Ground, Deepti and her teammates had to face a lot of flak. 

However, the 29-year-old Hardik reckoned that bowlers aren't at fault since they are playing by the laws of the game. 

"Because you gave the example, we need to stop making a fuss about this. It's a rule, simple as that. To hell with the Spirit of the Game, if it's there, remove the rules, simple as that. The ones who have problems, good for them, that's fine," Hardik was quoted as saying in the latest episode of the ICC Review podcast. 

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Hardik also said that he wouldn't mind bowlers running him out if he backs up a little too much while running. 

"Personally, I have no problem. If I am out, if I am walking out and someone runs me out, fair enough, it's my mistake, not the bowlers. It is using the rules to one's advantage. Simple as that, let’s not make a big deal, that's it," he added. 

Back in March, the International Cricket Council (ICC) removed the rule from Unfair Player and included it in Run Out. 

As far as Hardik is concerned, he is currently with the Indian men's squad for the T20 World Cup 2022 on Australian soil. 

In the match against Babar Azam's Pakistan, he scored 40 runs off 37 balls as India won the match by four wickets at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. Hardik also accounted for three crucial scalps for 30 runs in the high-voltage match at the iconic venue.