'Nasty stuff said about it but..' - Alex Carey's strong response to criticism over Bairstow stumping

The wicketkeeper finally opened up on the matter that has seen him come face to face with extremely nasty comments and reactions among the English media, players and fans alike. 
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Alex Carey maybe treated with absolute disgust in the English media for the infamous Jonny Bairstow stumping; however, the Australian wicketkeeper isn't willing to lose his ground and stands firm behind the reality he merely subjected his England counterpart to the laws in the Lord's Ashes 2023 Test. 

Carey recognised the "pretty nasty stuff" spoken of in the press and inside stadiums from the English-dominant crowds ever since the episode and wore a democratic outlook to suggest fans and media are "entitled to their opinion". But he knows he has the backing of the Australian team and the public, with laws of the game dictating it was as fair a dismissal as any. 

With Bairstow needlessly meandering outside his crease multiple times without the ball being dead, Carey picked up a pattern and finally inflicted the stumping in one motion upon receiving a bouncer from allrounder Cameron Green. The wicketkeeper's stumping appeal was then verified by the third umpire, who found out the ball was still active when Bairstow left his crease. 

Despite the laws, Australians have had to put forth the strongest of defence against English players and media alike while Carey faces boos and abuse at the grounds as the hosts desperately continue to play the matter on 'spirit of cricket' lines, even though it couldn't be more clear they're being convenient about it and want to dictate when the unwritten ploy is invoked. 

Carey opens up on 'nasty stuff' said since Bairstow stumping 

The matter took uglier turn during the Headingley Test when the large section of the crowd branded Alex Carey a "cheat" and abused him loudly while a story was planted in the media to play to the narrative wherein the wicketkeeper didn't pay out his bill for a haircut. Even as teammate Steve Smith confirmed he hasn't had one since leaving London. 

"There's some nasty stuff been said but…it is the Ashes," Carey was quoted as saying by ESPNcricinfo. "There was nasty stuff said before that as well. I feel really well supported. I think the whole group does. From Australia I still think we've got lots of fans and from England, I don't think we've made any, but we probably didn't lose any."

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"It's one of those things where a stumping that's given out on field is turned into a massive story. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and I absolutely respect that," he added. "Everyone's entitled to their opinion on the spirit of cricket as well. Not just myself, the whole group's had some stuff spoken about them. But we're really tight. We understand what's important and who matters and those guys definitely have our back."

"We're all in it together, we were all out there, all walked through the Long Room together, post-match we all discussed it together. Don't think the group would do anything differently."