RCB player criticises Rohit Sharma for flawed captaincy in India's loss in Hyderabad

Rohit Sharma has invited criticism for his captaincy in the first Test of the series in Hyderabad against England from an RCB player.
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England managed to secure an unexpected victory over Rohit Sharma-led India in the first Test of the five-match series in Hyderabad. The match, held at the Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium in Hyderabad, witnessed England's Ollie Pope and debutant Tom Hartley propel Ben Stokes' team to a thrilling win on Day 4 of the 1st Test.

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Veteran Indian batter Dinesh Karthik had some valuable insights to share in the wake of India's defeat. He pointed out a critical aspect where the Indian team could have performed better in the series opener.

Karthik acknowledged that India's bowlers had a subpar outing, particularly in the second innings, which ultimately played a significant role in their defeat. However, his advice for Rohit Sharma revolved around the captain's tactical decisions during the match that could help him in the second Test, for which India have named their squad with two senior player absent.

Dinesh Karthik criticises Rohit Sharma for flawed captaincy

"The one thing Rohit Sharma needs to do in the next Test is not accept whatever the bowler is setting in terms of field," Karthik advised in a video shared by Cricbuzz.

He further emphasized that sometimes bowlers tend to adopt a defensive mindset, and Rohit should encourage them to set slightly more attacking fields, especially against fresh opposition batters.

"A lot of the times, I've seen bowlers sometimes try to be more defensive than they need to be. He needs to push the bowlers to set slightly attacking fields, at least to the opponent bowlers and batters who have just walked in," Karthik said.

England's debutant spinner, Tom Hartley, played a pivotal role in their victory by picking up seven wickets in the second innings. Ollie Pope's brilliant batting performance, amassing 196 runs off 276 balls, earned him the Player of the Match award.

Karthik stressed the importance of Rohit Sharma taking an aggressive approach, similar to his batting, in Test cricket. He noted that when facing a turning pitch, lower-order batsmen should not find it easy to accumulate singles. Rohit, as the captain, should assert control over the field placements to put pressure on the opposition batsmen.

As India prepares to face England in the 2nd Test, Karthik urged the hosts to demonstrate intent and aggression with the ball. He believes that this change in approach will be vital to India's success in the upcoming matches.

“Rohit Sharma needs to understand that in Test cricket, just like his batting, he needs to attack and show intent with the ball as well. A No. 9 or No. 10 batter can't come on a turning pitch and take singles easily. He shouldn't be allowing that. That is the time to buck up, and that's an area they missed with the ball,” Karthik added.

Karthik's advice to Rohit Sharma centers on being more proactive with field placements and adopting an attacking mindset when captaining in Test cricket. As India looks to bounce back in the series, Rohit's leadership and tactical decisions will be closely scrutinized, and Karthik's insights could prove valuable in the team's quest for victory.

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