"No option..had to resign": Hanuma Vihari responds to ACA's allegations

Vihari had a fallout with a junior cricketer, whose father turned out to be a politician and complained to the ACA which allegedly forced him to quit captaincy
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Andhra Pradesh cricketer Hanuma Vihari has now put out his side of the story following allegations from the state board for improper conduct. The Andhra board, earlier today also stated that Hanuma Vihari has forced signatures from his fellow cricketers in the 'letter of support' following his resignation from captaincy. 

For the unversed, Vihari had a fallout with a young cricketer, whose father turned out to be a politician and complained to the Andhra Cricket Association (ACA), which led to Vihari's removal.

Providing further clarity on the matter, Vihari mentioned that the young player was a reserve and wasn’t supposed to be in the dressing room. He added that the youngster didn’t take it on a positive note and later on lodged a complaint, which forced him to quit captaincy.

Hanuma Vihari opens up on the allegations

Speaking to India Today, Vihari said, “It so happened that I shouted at a player, the 17th player who was not supposed to be in the dressing room. According to rules, he was not supposed to be there. But he took it the wrong way and he complained to his father. And everything went wrong from there. They complained about me. And without any wrongdoing from my side, they removed me from the post of captain. Still, I continued playing for the team, because I loved the game and respected the game.” 

Vihari revealed that the incident occurred a few months ago and that it has deeply wounded his sense of self-worth, leading him to publicly announce his decision to step down. The 30-year-old expressed that he did not wish to relinquish his role as captain but felt he had no alternative.

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“What they have complained is my behaviour is not right. And I don't know they had, but then I was forced to resign. I was not okay with it. I had to resign. I had no other option. I sent an email also because I wanted to maintain the morale of the team. The actual reason was I didn't want to resign. We thought of winning the Ranji Trophy. But since that complaint, everything went wrong,” Vihari added.

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