Ian Bishop gives nicest reply to 'West Indies needs to be abolished' comment after series win

The former quick and leading commentator kept his composure and picked his words nicely to remind some of 'abolish West Indies' comments after T20I series win over India. 
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Ian Bishop won hearts once again with the most dignified response to pre-series comments on how the concept of West Indies cricket had ran its course and must be "abolished" to allow the Island nations to walk alone and revive cricket in the region. 

This idea and walk-alone concept had picked up steam on social media in the aftermath of West Indies' disastrous failure to qualify for the 2023 World Cup at the qualifiers in Zimbabwe and further gained vocal supporters when the Indian team mauled the Calypso Kings in Tests and ODIs. 

But with the T20I leg of the tour going the Caribbean men's way in a 3-2 scoreline under skipper Rovman Powell, Bishop choose to take those who called for the West Indies abolishment to task in his own calm and composed way, letting them know the idea pains him, besides him finding it rather unrealistic and unsustainable. 

Bishop's response came during a post-match show following India's eight-wicket loss in Florida on Sunday (August 13), with the former West Indies quick and one of the leading commentators reminding fans and so-called experts how the game eventually humbles everyone. 

Bishop's dignified response to 'abolish West Indies' comments 

Bishop brought the idea thought and echoed around by some fans, media personnel and his colleagues in the commentary field all over the globe under scrutiny leading into West Indies' unexpected T20I series triumph against the world cricket powerhouse India. 

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The composed and dignified personality picked his words wisely and retained a gentlemanly outlook in insisting that such noises on the outside aren't in the best interest of cricket in the Caribbean and more energy needs to be channelised instead in finding ways to revive the game in the Islands.

"I saw some tweets on social media about the state of West Indies Cricket from my friends and colleagues. I would want to remind them that when your friend is hurt, you don't say get rid of them. You try to find out how to help them. Leave it," Bishop said, making his point absolutely clear without being nasty. Unlike those who peddled the idea of abolishing the West Indies.