India's Test kit against ICC laws? Fury over Adidas' blue stripes

The Adidas designed Indian Test match jersey present for the WTC final and now the West Indies series seems to have been made with a breach of ICC laws. 
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The Indian team's newly launched Adidas Test jersey introduced ahead of the start of the new World Test Championship (WTC) cycle in West Indies is under scanner for potential breaches of the ICC laws establishing standards for jersey designs, logos and name printing. 

The Indian team is wearing a uniquely built design for the Test series in the Caribbean ever since leading brand Adidas came on board as the jersey sponsor in the build-up to the Test championship finale versus Australia in June. 

There is a blue-dominant design with a centre sponsor logo printed in red. The Adidas jersey has three blue stripes machine stitched on each shoulder, standing out to provide the rarest contract to the off-whites or the creams of the traditional Test match outfit. 

This feature, however, has fallen under scrutiny for perhaps breaking the ICC established standards for the overall design of the Test match jersey, with the Indian team breaking the laws because of the pipping and the length and breathe of the stripes. 

India's new Test match outfit under scanner 

As per the 'colour and design' section of the ICC standardised rules for the Test match jersey, a team can't have stripes as enlarged as the one the Indian team has worn since the marquee WTC final clash with Australia at The Oval last month. 

According to the rules: "Playing shirts shall be plain white/cream, save that coloured piping or trim shall be permitted subject to the following restrictions:

  • Piping is restricted to 0.5 cm (0.2 in) in width.
  • Only one colour of piping/trim is permitted on any shirt.

  • Piping is restricted to the edge of the shirt collar, shirt seams and cuffs.

  • The inside of the placket may be of a plain colour other than white."

Since the Indian team's off-creams have stripes clearly greater than 0.5 cm in length and 0.2 cm in width, a section of fans are wondering if the ICC provided an exception to the BCCI in preparation for their team's design.